The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing

The world is changing and innovation is truly ruling and it has turned out to be essential for organizations to start applying digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a procedure to promote your services and items online using digital technology. You have to establish your business on all the digital channels, where you could find your intended interest group and clients. Digital marketing isn’t just to sell your things online but to attract ever increasing number of customers to your organization’s site, blog or mobile app.

To remain forceful and competitive, it is important to stay aware of the trends. This will help in improving client experience, remaining on top of the curve and increasing conversions in the coming year. This infographic from Fullestop is a look at the examples of digital marketing trends that will lead the business world this year.

Voice Search

In the coming years, most of the searches will occur through the voice search. Individuals will use their voice instead of composing the content by hand. So it is vital for organizations to change their methodologies which are most appropriate to the voice search. As indicated by the reports half of searches will be based on voice by the year 2020 and in this, the Google’s share is expected to be 20% and the Bing’s share is expected be 25%. Officially many organizations have implemented this voice search as digital marketing strategy through Artificial bots like Siri, Alexa, and Google. This is going to be the main digital marketing trend in 2019.


Chatbots have been around, however 2019 will mark the use of chatbots for each part of digital marketing. As innovation depends on AI and implements messaging for talking purposes, it is less difficult to interact with clients continuously. As per the surveys it is expected that 80 percent of organizations will pick chatbots by 2020.

Not only are bots an effective method for mass communication, but they also provide 24/7 two-way communication channel between people and the firm. This generally helps in boosting reaction rate on social media channels, improving SEO and other things.

Artificial Intelligence

It is unquestionably among the best digital marketing trend this year. Artificial intelligence is an incredible tool to analyse the different behaviours and patterns of clients by means of different information. With the support of AI, you can search for your current clients or go through the social media conversations to know the ongoing report on how your business is competing against your competitors. You can even extend the business development in the up and coming future with the assistance of AI, although further research is required to get more accurate results in this case.

Video Marketing

A standout amongst the best digital marketing strategies one year from now will be video marketing. As per a report, 80% of the online content will change into video ads. It will give a review of the item and services with a touch of entertainment and humour. The use of cell phones and social media platforms is considered to be the most ideal methods for promoting an item. A short video conveys a message effectively, yet it is additionally fit for describing features of complex substance in an easy manner.


Instagram is the quickest developing social media platform with an expansion in use over all age groups. The total number of users of Instagram is more than 1 billion per month, out of which, biggest number of users are of age group 25 to 34 followed by 18 to 24, and it will end up being a significantly greater player for brands. There was a great user engagement in earlier year that could be seen on Instagram through picture feeds and Insta stories.

Therefore, organizations found it all the more captivating and advantageous to connect with people and create more buyers through engaging stories, or brilliant picture special campaign.

Content marketing

Making a business depends on forming connections with individuals and that is the thing that we apply content marketing for. It is a procedure that includes making and curating unique content that your clients will find helpful and profitable. Content is an extraordinary method to get the message out and familiarize your business with new gatherings of people. Rather than essentially selling your services and items, organizations conveys data about items or services to their potential customers. It makes faithfulness and trust, with both your present clients and future customers and creates stable connections with your targeted audience.

So 2019 has major trends to come in digital marketing which will help the organizations with brand promotions, brand awareness, return on investments and higher conversion rates. Digital Marketing experts needs to be aware of these patterns to execute the best of them for promoting the business.

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