The Best Ways to Market Children’s Books

When it comes to children’s books, things might just get a little trickier because you’re selling to the grownups around them rather than the final consumer.

Parents, uncles and aunts, and educators really do want to purchase a book which their kids will enjoy, thus the first stage in advertising a children’s book would be to write and illustrate a book which those kids will enjoy.

There are numerous methods for selling your book when it has been completed. Let’s have a look at several specific methods for marketing children’s books.

What makes selling children’s books unique?

When it comes to marketing any book, your duty as a writer or self book publishing company is to determine who your intended audience really is and come up with a strategy to attract them through advertisements, content, activities, as well as other marketing tactics.

In a couple areas, promoting children’s books differs from marketing grownup books. The most obvious strategy is to sell to various groups, such as mom and dad, teachers, and kids themselves.

Your work will be distributed by parents, educators, librarians, plus booksellers. Many children will not be purchasing or selecting their own textbooks, and also most parents will want to understand what their child is studying.

Since parents and instructors make the majority of sales, your advertising and cover material must attract both children as well as grownups within your target group.

You want to get something eye-catching to pique a child’s interest and also to set the tone for the remainder of the artwork. But you definitely need something that informs adults about the type of material they’re selecting for their child!

Another difference between marketing ordinary books and marketing children’s books would be that children’s books have such a larger readership commitment. Parents do not want to spend hours searching for appropriate information for their children. This can be unpleasant as well as time-consuming just for caring parents to comb through material for their children, but once they discover a good writer, they’re prone to keep buying that books. This really is fantastic news for authors of children’s books! They are invited to reside there as they go through the door. Now, how will we get our foot in the doorway at first?

How to Promote a Kids’ book?

Let’s have a glance at some of those ideas for promoting your books for kids to both grownups as well as kids. We’ll talk about ads, social networking sites, schools and library tours, podcasts, talking engagements, and using children’s book illustrators whether you’ve employed one.


Many people‚Äôs first thought whenever they hear “books advertising” is likely to be the process of purchasing ads, so let’s start there.

There are several options for purchasing advertisements. The first one is the very obvious: check at the price of advertising on your favourite social media networks. Facebook is the most popular option. Another possibility is to support influencers. You will pay for just a place in related talks, YouTube channels, plus social media stars’ material.

This type of sponsorship gets your item in reach of relevant customers, with somebody they trust endorsing it.

In fact, other ad places, such as print advertisements and banners, still available, but once compared to internet possibilities, they are frequently too pricey and less available. Which doesn’t always imply they’re not really a good fit, so think about your objectives, platform, as well as target market before rejecting them!

Social networking sites:

Because most moms and dads of small kids are on digital networking sites, you may use those channels to engage with parents plus teachers for little or no cost. This might be as basic as sharing your cover image with appropriate hashtags on social media. You can utilise hashtags related to the content of your book which kids are fascinated about, as well as hashtags which target individual people.

You may also interact with parents by searching Facebook communities for your specific niche.

Social media has a high visitor volume, is minimal in cost, and may be a highly personable approach to meet families and grow your readership.

Visits to schools:

Many institutions have budgets set aside particularly for writers to visit and read their works to pupils, therefore reach out! Send a letter to schools offering to join in and conduct a reading. Give them one presskit or information packet thus they can see the cover, summary, and age group of the youngsters you’ll be presenting to.

Make your presentation interesting for the youngsters, and then ask whether the school administration minds when you send the youngsters home with promotional packages for the families to understand more regarding your books.

Visits to libraries:

Libraries are yet another excellent venue for connecting with children as well as their mother and father. Libraries are fantastic community facilities which reach a surprisingly large number of individuals. Check with the community library regarding ordering very few volumes of your work and hosting a reading session.


Writing and promoting children’s books might be challenging, but its well worth it! Children eat books faster than just about any other population, making it a profitable genre. There’s certainly something wonderful about writing stories which people read when they’re young. The morals and comfort that children derive from the novels they read are well worth the effort required to bring such volumes into their palms.

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