What Are The Benefits Of Shared Hosting For Novice Bloggers?

Blogging is one of the greatest hobbies that is helpful for many individuals and businesses. There are many successful blogging platforms that are hosted using blog hosting services. Shared hosting services are helpful for beginners to build their online presence. Many new writers are using managed shared hosting.

The shared hosting option is a great hosting option for beginners where hosting is possible without investing too much of an amount. If you are a novice blogger who wants to get the benefit out of shared hosting, here are some key insights about it.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the best web hosting options for beginners with less technical expertise. Server resources are shared among different web hosting plan account users. As a result, the overall cost is cheaper than other hosting options like VPS, Dedicated, and cloud hosting.

This shared architecture of hosting is uniquely suited to the many needs of new bloggers. From pricing to security, there are several advantages to choosing Shared Hosting.

Benefits of Shared Hosting for New Bloggers

1.     Pricing

If you are starting a blog from scratch, there will be a minimal investment required to set things up. A properly designed website is required and a hosting infrastructure is crucial. Web hosting operations involve a server.

Shared hosting services are affordable and thus many bloggers prefer this service to build their online presence. Due to the fact that many websites are hosted on a single server, the costs are shared.

The process of building an audience that follows your blog will take some time when you are just starting out. Until then, you don’t have a lot of storage or CPU requirements. It is important that your website caters well to a relatively small audience. Shared Hosting is perfect for these needs.

2.     Designed for newbies

If you plan to become a food blogger or a travel blogger, you may have little knowledge of the intricacies of hosting. Also, you may be new to the world of website design and security configurations.

In addition to web hosting, many other aspects require a certain level of expertise. You will need to know a bit about configuring servers, setting up security protocols, etc.

Compared to shared hosting, shared hosting is designed for newcomers. With a website manager like cPanel or Plesk, you can easily manage your website. The website design and other aspects of the service are also very helpful. With Shared Hosting, even someone without any knowledge of web hosting can sit in front of a computer and configure everything without much assistance.

You can use this type of interface if you are not an expert in web hosting and development. Thus, Shared Hosting is the easiest web hosting for beginners.

3.     Security

Data security is an important factor that cannot be overlooked. Cyber security risks in blogging can lead to a major data breach. However trustworthy web hosting companies offer free SSL certificates to all domains hosted. Thus, data is auto-encrypted which ensures no intrusion activity in your domain.

The reliable shared hosting service provider implements fair SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to minimize the risk of all websites. Multiple firewalls and security configurations are set up to protect your blogging websites at all times.

4.     Scalability

As your website grows, the need for more server resources will increase. Primary resources include CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. Other applications like SSL, control panel, email accounts, domains, and others also need to be considered while scaling plans. With Shared Hosting, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan. It’s literally a question of a few clicks and a few minutes.

5.     Backups and disaster recovery

Blogs are not just about sharing your thoughts. It has become a popular business idea where guest post outreach is done. So, keeping all data at stake will not be a good idea. Reliable web hosts do the routine backup to keep the website data safe and disaster-proof.

Some of the web hosts also offer automated backup solutions where additional backup capabilities. If something goes wrong, the backup data will not hamper the productivity of the website.

Final Words

Shared hosting is the right combination of performance and affordability which is suitable for bloggers. Bloggers do not have to pay a huge amount to get the hosting infrastructure. Cheap shared hosting services come up with technical support, reliable IT resources, and high-quality services which makes them the perfect hosting option for bloggers.

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