SMS Marketing Latest Trends Every Business Need To Follow In 2019

Over the years, several brands and organizations are relying on text messaging services to advertise their products/services. Now, it’s the end of the second decade of the 21st century, SMS marketing has become an integral part of mobile marketing and is now considered as a powerful, budget-friendly, speedy and effective advertising tool. These days, text SMS campaigning is on the upswing of every enterprise to communicate with their potential customers. Every one us is using a mobile phone and a text is a convenient way to share business-related information. According to reports, text SMS has high open rates as compared to all traditional forms of marketing. Moreover, with the rapid changes in the mobile technology, many small, medium and big business niches has joined the SMS campaigning to gather responses from their targeted audience regardless of their location. Moreover, there are some regions across globe where internet services are low, in this scenario also SMS is the preferred form of marketing & business communication.

In today’s blog post experts have predicted some exciting trends in text SMS marketing strategy. So sit calmly and watch out what’s new in an upcoming year.

Increased TCPA consent-

TCPA means telephone consumer protection act. The act is to protect the common people from irrelevant activities from random brands. Brands can not send text messages to customers without their consent. If businesses are sending marketing messages to random people is a source of general concern among privacy activists and the Government. To be frank, it is quite annoying to receive messages from companies who try to market their products and services every day.

In the upcoming year, marketers have to follow TCP’s guidelines so that the general public receive messages only from the companies who they have subscribed for getting text SMS updates.

Personalization of Content

Let your every customer feel how much they matter to you. Being an effective channel from all social platforms, bulk SMS marketing gives a chance to create a long-standing bond with your potential ones. Many people in our country tend to ignore promotional messages because they couldn’t find it valuable and relevant as per their needs. Marketers need to follow the latest trend to target the right group of people and then enhance the customer relationships by informing upcoming nearby events and connecting to them on special occasions. To be honest, correct utilization of data is the key to success SMS marketing campaign. This fact is being followed by most companies today.

Text message links

As development in technology is keep on rising, we can now do things on our cell phones that were not even remotely possible in past years. It is now possible to send links into text messages which lead recipients to a particular website or a specific application. Individuals can read articles on a particular product, watch an informative online video, read testimonials of other consumers and so much more just by clicking a given URL from SMS. With the booming technology, companies can increase more traffic to their website by providing official landing pages links in the SMS content. This is one of the smartest ways to convert visitors into clients.

Customers want ‘off-screen’’ experiences

Nowadays, people have started demanding more experience that takes place off-screen, rather than having a mobile app or website to control their strong bond with a brand or organization. One example is the increase in the use of internet technology which enables several devices to connect and share information.

However, providing this experience for customers doesn’t necessarily to be highly expensive and technically challenging. Bulk SMS services could be the right approach, you can provide a unique and personal communication to your targeted audiences. In 2019, develop creative campaigns that are designed especially for SMS marketing to make people truly native feel.

Integration with other media channels

In the digitalized world, integrating SMS with other marketing channels gives higher customer engagement. As most people avoid promotional emails so if you’re also lagging here, reach your customers easily through SMS marketing technique.

Other digital platforms creating a new stage for themselves, simultaneously SMS marketing is getting upgraded on daily basis with creative features. SMS updates are the first choice for customers since it provides an offline experience to them. 78% of people don’t want to rely solely on social media. They do believe in a personalized touch. As our country is moving towards a digital India campaign, marketers have to give some edge to SMS marketing strategy to stand out from the other marketing channels.


This all is the latest trend of SMS marketing to watch in an upcoming year. May the upcoming year bring dizzying levels of success into your business. Make sure to run your campaign among right group of people to assure your firm really get high conversion rates in this highly competitive world.

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