5 Hashtags Strategies That Can Drive More Traffic on Social Media

This is no secret that social media has become an incredible source of traffic. That is the reason the competition in engaging visitors to social media is becoming tougher by day. This drives us to shape our targeting process widely. Nowadays it requires lots of hard work, new tactics and planning to see the results you have always wanted.

When you search on Google on the topic “how to drive traffic of social media”, you can get thousands of pages but the fact is all most all of the strategies out there are outdated or not described on how it should be. This inspired me to write today’s post on how you can use “Hashtags” strategies more effectively that’ll help your social site to drive more traffic than previous. The reason I like these tactics is that you can apply the same techniques in different social networks. Without further delay here are some:

Have you own hashtags:

Though difficult making your own hashtags strategy will create the scope to travel some extra mileage in your campaign. Your audience will be able to distinguish you from a crowd. It’ll create authenticity and brand recognition.

Like what the popular chocolate brand “Kit-kat” did. They came up with a buzz hashtag- #mybreak. The tag is just the smaller version of their wider message “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat.” This tactic has made a huge buzz and great visibility in their social media campaign.

Ask a question that has a specific answer:

While open-ended questions might create confusion and lots of ambiguity, ask only those which have a specific answer. Remember to answer in a conversational tone that’ll enhance the chance to make more followers. Your question should trigger a natural answering reflex in audiences.

Here what Grammarly did ask a question recently on their twitter page. The question asked very creatively that created curiosity in the audience’s mind take action or make urges for immediate engagement.

But before you ask some do appropriate research in your niche so that your question might display the insight of what you are doing.

Use trendy hashtags:

Don’t underestimate the power of trendy tags. These are like goldmines to boosts more engagement. Trendy means these are already popular and going to make hype in the market very soon.

Luckily famous social media like Twitter have options to make you introduce with trendy topics. More and more topics are being including each day. In addition, you can narrow the search by a handful of ways to discover what’s being talked about in your industry.

These topics will let you catch the train of up-coming booms. Thus it may increase the chance to reach to a lot more people and extended beyond the limit.

Utilize live tweet or Hashtags:

Engaging more traffic is all about to make the scope to reach wider audience group and one of the way is to live tweet the events your customer group is interested. Use your event hashtags and make it count. To make it more effective, add something special to make the conversation worthy. You also can create contests targeting upcoming events that are an easy way to score more followers.

A concrete example can be what John Mayer, the famous American singer, and songwriter did to engage his audience through the Instagram network to push his new album. It’s no surprise that he has a genius team of visual marketing experts; he didn’t miss the chance to rock the marketing boat to acquire more followers through Instagram live.

Keep it simple, original and lucrative:

The last but not the least, you should not take any phrase that is unclear, difficult to remember or ugly to catch. Long hashtags are difficult to digest and might become boomerang instead of what you wanted to communicate. Keep it short, authentic and give it a purpose to catch attention. The phrase should be able to relate to your brand’s image and to your campaign as well.

If you turn a long sentence into hashtags, it’ll become difficult to understand what it is. Imagine a sentence without any verb or grammar or any structure. would it be understandable to your or to your audience? It won’t. same will happen in case of turning a long sentence into a hashtag. Example- #Neymarandbarcelonaarehellofashit. Is it understandable or will it create an impression on your audience? Perhaps if you could use a shorter one like #NeymarAgain, is much more vibrant, catchy, positive and meaningful to capture readers’ attention. I don’t need to say that the chances are high that this will go viral.

So these are the ways how you can maximize your goals of increasing your social followers in your network. And if you want to do it through cheap but professionals who can guide you achieve more of your brand, register with experts on increasing Instagram followers and start boosting your brand engagement.

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