How To Leverage Instagram Polls For Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new or unfamiliar one. After the evolution of social broadcast, it practiced in different formats, like promoting the products with celebrities’ help, especially cinema actors, via television, radio, posters, and banners. In today’s world, through the social media stage, many influencers are emerging, plenty of people are becoming influencing or looking forward to becoming influencers.

The Instagram poll sticker is one of the beneficial features included in Instagram stories. Nowadays Influencers use Instagram Stories to ask  questions to followers to understand what type of content they prefer.

Instagram is filled with pictures, visual content, right!. Influencers took advantage of this and focused on Instagram to commence their influencer strategy by arresting huge people’s sight through their posts. Influencer profiles have the highest engagement rate and their markets and brand exposure will be heightened using Instagram. Lots of people are getting fascinated by an influencer’s profile.

Taking profits on influencers’ existence for an extended period on Instagram, many marketers, business people approach them for their growth. Inviting them to reach their products or brands in front of massive people.

Instagram poll receives higher engagement when compared to other tools. As well as on the strength of polls, you can collect a lot of informative details. That data will be useful for your business to build your brand in much better ways.

Use Polls To Conduct Survey

You can create polls along with two clickable options. Anyway, it will be invisible within 24 hours. In that short period, you can fetch lots of stuff like people’s mindsets, their fondness. Even if it may be little details, it still provides more value and assists you in many ways. You can come up with questions like which type of content they like most, along with two options like “behind-the-scenes” or “tutorial posts.” With the help of results, now you can decide to invest time in which type of content.

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Another way to get benefited by polls is you can gain public opinion surveys. You can receive suggestions; people feedback about particular stuff. This gathered information will aid you for a clear Instagram marketing strategy. It will improve your business growth.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger. You are posting two pictures with different outfits asking which one suits you. With the title “this” or “that.” Through polls, you can create a variety of questions. Like posting simple topics and asking “yes” or “no.”

Don’t overthink post attention seeking and straightforward questions. So that people are excited to answer you back. 

You can track your poll’s engagement rate by the number of Instagram story views, a number of votes received and a number of answers received for your polls. When you identify a low engagement rate for your poll. Then it would help if you changed your question style to your followers. Monitoring your performance is very important to improve your engagement rate and to build exciting content.

Grab People’s Attention

It is an easy and effortless way for the people to give a direct opinion about your brands, product, company, or even content. At the same time, you are creating interaction, bond with your followers. It may feel like painless work, but holds a lot of value. If one person shares their feedback, it encourages many people to try your products and share their views.

Social media is one of the best entertainment for people to spend time and explore many things. They are always expected to be recognized and want appreciation or being valued, noticed. Participating in Instagram polls is an almost effortless process for the people. It is quite an easy way to share their or voice their opinion with many people.

On the other hand, if you ask feedback about your product, it will make people feel respected. It creates bonds or connections with your brand or account. Make people remember your product. It can create a good relationship with your followers. For example, the popular fashion brand Spreadfashion gathered feedback from customers through Instagram questions.

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Suppose you are looking towards connection and engagement with your brands. Build polls related to your company, products, brands frequently. People know about your brands; they will care about your dedication, hard work towards your industry. It is quite natural that you may not use all the polls to promote your business; some may be created to grab people’s attention and sight.

Ideas Of Asking Questions

You may ask any questions to your followers. Make sure it should be profitable in two ways; at least you must receive one profit. One of your products or brands must be promoted or advertised by your poll. Second, with your poll, people’s engagement towards your account must be increased. So while creating, keep these two rules in your mind and start creating your poll. Don’t go for long-phrase questions; make it short and sweet. Like, fill in the blanks, choosing the best choice. These types of questions build captivation, and it attracts them to enter the poll.


Instagram polls are one of the trending features on Instagram. Using Instagram polls, one can make the most of the advantage. Suppose you are confused about creating content for your upcoming new products or having any doubt regarding your business promotions. At that time, you need to rely on others to guide you or suggest you. Immediately you can create a poll and ask your question to your followers. You can receive instant replies from your followers, and you will get a clear view. Suppose if you want to increase your engagement rate or sales rate. You can ask your followers to suggest posts with the best content, best offers. It helps you to build a strong community with your audience.

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