5 Trends in Website Hosting Every Industry Should Know

The internet is a world of wonders that is constantly changing. With the rapid development of technology, numerous innovations had been discovered to address the needs of the people. It seems like there is no end for technological advancement. It is vital for a company to keep up-to-date with the hottest and latest trends to keep up with the market demands of the public. Undeniably, companies that are stagnant are close to becoming dying industries.

Alongside the introduction of internet is the birth of web hosting. These two discoveries had become remarkable in business especially in the field of information and communication. Without these, advertising industry, access to information, communication, customer satisfaction, and sales will not be as better as it is today.

Companies need a website to promote their products or services. Because the competition is fierce, industries are now utilizing the World Wide Web as an effective marketing technique. It is no secret that a good and secure website hosting service is needed in order for a website to be launched worldwide. Without a host, sites will not be view-able in the internet.

According to internet live stats, there are over 1 billion websites on the web today. This means that the website industry is a growing business. Therefore, web hosting providers must offer the latest trends and current software advancements to make sure that their hosting service stays on top of the game.

Here are some of the major trends in web hosting unfolded by website hosting providers each business must know.

Low-Cot Web Hosting

Back in its early years, website hosting services were expensive. Only large companies can afford because having a personal server was necessary. However, website hosting is one of the industries that is currently evolving. Small firms can now have their own servers. The increase demands for website hosting increased dramatically. Moreover, website hosting providers are also growing in number. To beat the competition, website hosting companies are offering services at a lower cost. It is a well-known fact that the cost of web hosting had decreased terrifically over the years.

Because firms are offering website hosting services at a lower price, people can now own hosting plans within reach. In fact, everyone can now create their own website because there are companies which offer hosting services for free. Affordability had become a trend due to competitive forces.

Low-cost web hosting is now the new norm which is beneficial to both website hosting providers and its customers. The cheaper the serve offered, the higher the number of paying customers which will result to more profit gain. Furthermore, clients can now focus on features and not on the price of services. Their websites can now be hosted by a web hosting agency that is credible and reliable at an affordable price.

Some of the top web hosting companies is selling hosting services as low as $2 per month which includes a free domain name, unlimited disk space and data transfer. With all the financial benefits any website owner can obtain, having an affordable but reliable website is now a reality. Gone were those days when cheap means inefficient. In website hosting industry, the belief “the more expensive the service, the more efficient it can be” is a misconception.

Unlimited Packages

Decades ago, mobile phones only allow regular call and text services to users. Moreover, only few text messages and picture messages can be stored. In order to give room to new and incoming SMS, several texts must be deleted. Even the number of contacts you can save in your cellular phone has limit too! Today, mobile services providers are now offering unlimited call and text and unlimited Facebook surfing plans to its customers. Smartphones can now store lots of videos and images through the use of a memory card. In addition, previous conversations that are important need not be deleted because the inbox can hold quite a number of messages.

Just like cellular phones, website hosting companies are now offering unlimited services to their clients. In the early years of web hosting, email, disk space, and data transfer cost a fortune. Website owners compute the perceived amount of megabytes which will be used. After which, they choose a storage package that is appropriate for their budget and website demands. This day and age, it is now becoming a trend for paid website hosting providers to offer unlimited packages which allows users a bigger storage space, bandwidth and email capacity.

Because having  unlimited storage space and bandwidth is now a reality, website owners can now focus on more important things such as provision of a high quality and interesting content rather that calculating and worrying about storage and traffic issues. Furthermore, there is no need to delete old files to provide space to new uploaded documents. Websites that are catering thousands of visitors per day need not worry too much about their bandwidth cap. Since lots of traffic is important in internet marketing, companies can benefit to the unlimited options promoted by top website hosting providers.

One-Stop-Shop Services

Customer convenience matters in business. Convenience increases patient satisfaction and if clients are satisfied with the service, there is a high tendency that they will recommend it to their family and friends. When a business offers multiple services, more customers will flock to your website because of its advantage in saving time and effort.

In previous years, web hosting services were just about hard drive space. Now, multiple service packages is the trend in web hosting where you can get your personal domain name, customized web design, website building and SEO tools from your website hosting agency. This is very convenient for website owners who don’t want to explore the web for individual service. It is also more cost-effective this way.

Amazon, for example, has been known for offering one-stop-shop services to buyers. It started as an online bookstore before expanding the business and had become the largest internet-based retailer all over the globe. Seeing the benefit of having multiple services, a number of website hosting firms now have available all-in-one packages to meet their customers’ demand. Read reviews on website hosting providers to know which one offers such services.

Better Security Features

Websites are prone to malware and spam attacks. Hackers are clever in stealing information, identity and money from owners. To restrict security breaches, website hosting providers are continuously developing better security systems. They invest in installation and upgrade of security software to ensure extensive protection to their customer’s website.

Threats to website safety will always be present that is why security plays a critical role in website hosting. Some of the features that are now included in web hosting security packages are Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) to protect your files even if the server crashes, availability of a secured data center, and manual reboot. The rate of uptime and back-up should also be taken into consideration. Remember that one of the key to a successful website is a safe web host.

Specialized Hosting Services

While some web hosts offer one-size-fits-all approach, another trend is niche hosting. If there are niche websites focusing on particular subject of interest, there are also website hosting providers that focus on specialized hosting services. Niche hosts concentrate on a particular industry and create products for them. They consider the specific needs of the industry and their hosting packages are suited for their clients’ needs.

Top niche website hosting providers are experts in a particular field. For example, there are website hosting companies that were developed to cater a specific sector of a business. They provide specialty tools that are not present in general website hosting services. If your company wants something out of the box to be introduced to your customers, specialized hosting services are worth the cost.

Mobile Optimization

Because of the growing number of smartphone users, Google announced in April 21, 2015 an update on how the search engine evaluated mobile-friendly and non-mobile friendly websites. The aim was to increase visibility of mobile-friendly websites. For this reason, several website hosting providers are now offering mobile website builders and mobile commerce services to allow easy optimization of website for digital products such as smartphones and tablets.

Due to the fact that traffic is no longer limited to desktop or laptop users, mobile optimization had become an essential feature for a successful website. Nowadays, people are getting more active online through the use of smartphone and tablets. Since the internet is now accessible using these devices, the use of desktop devices has decreased.

When a website is poorly mobile optimized, users are more likely to leave the site. Without optimization, mobile phones cannot display the website entirely. Now that Google had announces that mobile optimization affects search ranking, more and more website hosting companies are adding mobile component in their site building packages to match the new mobile environment. Keep in mind that the top website hosting providers should focus on connecting customers therefore, accessibility matters. The role of web hosts is to link the website owner to its clients.


Web hosting will continuously affect and influence the world and its citizen. It is inevitable that evolution to website hosting services will occur for the betterment of businesses of the whole society. For companies to stay ahead, they must be aware of the hottest trends and apply appropriate measures to their business.

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