Why Startups Need Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

The dynamic nature of business strategies is indicative of evolving marketing trends. In today’s scenario where more and more people are joining with various social media channels, content is emerging as a potent driver of sales, alongside cold calls (check out these sales dialer tools), storytelling and other sales strategies.

Almost every business has adapted to this changed digital landscape with a well thought-out content marketing strategy. According to an important research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 89 percent of business 2 business and 86 percent of business to customer marketers are successfully using content marketing strategies.

Content marketing is playing a key role in distributing valuable and relevant information to attract the maximum number of visitors. As a result of this, more interest is generated in a much larger customer base, which means more leads and more revenue. However, to put a caveat here, even if all of entrepreneurs have understood the value of content marketing, not all of them have completely figured out how to get it right.

Here is why startups need content marketing strategies more than ever in order to increase their revenues:

  1. It enhances reputation

Content marketing is closely linked to the reputation of a brand. Adding valuable and relevant content goes a long way in boosting the credibility of a business. As a result, it gains the trust of its customers. The quality content can be created through blogs, articles, white papers and videos. If companies post creative content on social media platforms on a continuous basis, customers are more likely to value their brand. This act of goodwill by companies towards their customers helps establish their brands as a desirable as well as authoritative one. Therefore, for this very reason, content marketing is being seen as a flexible, versatile, effective and affordable solution.

2. It acts as the voice of a business’s brand

Content is increasingly becoming a credible means for developing an authoritative voice on the part of businesses. Today, brand voice is gaining currency as it reflects how a company expresses its messaging. It is done through leveraging quality content to strengthen the brand marketing. Therefore, to achieve this, it is important for businesses to create most relevant content, publish on a regular basis and keeping an eye on the overall content strategy. One important aspect of brand voice is the role of influencers in propagating various web contents. They are quite capable of boosting credibility and extending the content’s reach into new communities.

3. It targets both primary and secondary audiences

One of the most important aspects of content marketing strategy is to target primary as well as secondary audiences equally. It starts with creating the target content, which reflects a deep understanding of who the audiences are and where they are on their way to purchase. So, when the quality of content is high enough, people start sharing it with their peers and in this way the audience base gets widened. As a matter of fact, a social share from a credible and respected customer base acts a vote of confidence of a business’s content quality.

4. Guest blogging by audiences increases the business’s outreach

Today, guest posting has become a primary driver of traffic on influential sites. Businesses are using guest blogging as a potent way to reach out to a larger audience. This strategy is quite working these days as companies publish content on websites that are highly influential in their niche, which attracts new customer base. So, in order to convert the increased traffic on the influential sites into potential leads, links to targeted landing pages are put. However, sometimes due to wrong linking practices as well as the lack of a substantial proofreading process, the possible leads could not get converted. For that purpose, there are a number of freelance proof reading jobs that are doing this work for various businesses.

5. Creative blogs of websites are shared by viewers

The more creative will be the blogs of an influential website, the more people will share them. There are as many as 41 percent of brands that are producing the kind of content, which engages prospects and customers. A clear lack of creativity reduces the chances of visibility of a business’s blogs. So, to begin with, the headline of a blog post needs to be compelling enough to raise interest and curiosity among the readers. After that, the content should be engaging so much so that the audience starts sharing it. This is where the diversifying of content comes into the picture. Therefore the businesses that use white papers, infographics, case studies, videos, webinars, and podcasts etc. are more likely to succeed in grabbing eye-balls.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is a true test of businesses in this age of social media channels. The daily interaction of people on these different platforms is being proven as one of the richest resources for companies to promote their business. Which is why, content marketing strategy is increasingly getting center stage and there is enough evidence to show that it works.

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