Top 5 Sales Apps Every Marketer Should Have

Salespersons and marketers are always running from one end to another. They are up in a meeting, seminars, give presentations, etc. With so many things to do, some of their workloads can be cut down with the help of tools that they should have.

Whether it is creating a presentation while they are traveling, or sharing the document with the office members and clients, everything can be done with the little devices that are connected to all of the humans at all times. It just matters how the device is used.

File sharing, file creation, employee advocacy, event creation, social media management, analytics, social listings, content distribution, CRM software, collecting business cards, etc. now can be done for anywhere and at any time.

The following are five sales applications; every marketer should be having. If you don’t have these installed, download them now!

As a marketer, your ideas can pop up in your head at any time. Whether it is before going to bed or when you are having a party, you would need to jot down your idea. Since no one leaves the phone, a perfect app to download is Evernote.

Evernote gives you the freedom of noting down your ideas and take down notes at any time, any place. Evernote comes with the benefit of capturing photos, accessing the data anywhere, and finding things quicker.

The moment you log in to your account, the application will sync itself and update the notes. Luckily, this application can be used on any device.

You can easily monitor and manage your social media account from one application – Buffer. You can always schedule your content for Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Additionally, you can analyse the statistics on how the post or tweet is performing. You can set the post updating schedule for each social media account.

You can write multiple posts and choose which social site to upload them on. With Buffer, you can attach images, Gifs, videos along with the posts.

To manage your emails when you are on the go, a strong application like MailChimp is needed. With this application, you can send and edit campaigns, view the statistics, manage the lists, etc. from your any device.

MailChimp helps you to send better emails and sell more stuff that results in more revenue. You can create new email content with this tool and simply stand out of the crowd. Plus, this application offers analytics for the growth of the enterprise.

You can pair this up with other applications like Gather (to send text messages to clients), Chimpadeedo (to capture other’s emails), MailChimp Snap (send emails based on images), and HubSpot Sales to check if your client opened the mail.

You should always update your marketing efforts by closing the sales. Salesforce is the application that will record each step of your sales. Whether it is phone calls or emails, everything will be saved under one application.

This application allows you to collect and monitor the leads, keep track of insights, improve the productivity of sales, engage with leads, create email campaigns and collaborate with the team members.

Salesforce is the best customer relationship management (CRM) software. Additionally, this app has integrated with HubSpot. This application further, has several other products to make use of.

As a marketer, you would be visiting several people and collecting their business cards. Many at times, you accidently misplace them. Now, you can collect several business cards without losing a single one with CamCard.

CamCard digitizes cards by the tap of a button and automatically saves the information in the phone’s contacts list. You can easily exchange cards when meeting up with new people at any kind of meetings, seminars, etc.

You can add notes, reminders, tags, etc. to these business cards and share them. The cards can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Luckily technology has emerged so well and in a way that the data can be saved on cloud storage or emails. The data could also be accessed from various other devices just with your ID and password. And this is a boon for everyone unless someone has their login ID with the password.

Since companies are competing against one another, employees of an enterprise would definitely want their business to hit the top ranks. The increase in activity may work only when you time them correctly or use the best content marketing tools.

Even though there is no predictable pattern for success, you should always keep trying. Analytics will help you determine your company’s strengths and weakness which could be worked upon. Your work and your world are now on a device. Use this device wisely and see your business gaining revenue and fame in no time.

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