Top 5 Local Marketing Strategy for Multi-Location Businesses

Keeping control over all your companies located at multiple sites is a daunting task for even competent marketers. Maintaining a balance between the regional and corporate plans and strategies can be a difficult task in itself. Besides this, it is much more tedious to project a constant brand image across various locations. Doing all this will take up a lot of your effort and hard work, making things very much complicated for you. Although conducting local marketing for multi-location companies is difficult to manage, designing a holistic approach to optimize the efficacy of marketing opportunities will help improve sales, revenue, and ROI marketing activities.

There are many questions making rounds in our heads. How will these multi-location businesses succeed in this increasingly competitive environment? What social media methods promote participation, boost campaign effectiveness, and produce results? In designing multi-location marketing campaigns for clients across various market segments and development periods, we have found that the below-mentioned five local marketing strategies appear to be important for success.

Channelize Digital Presence Locally

To gain a reputation amidst the local areas, you must get connected to them. For this, you can start with creating location-specific website pages that will help you connect with the local users. You can also take the help of local social media personalities to promote your company’s services and goods. The relation between consumer and location will then be strengthened by adding location-specific contact details, client testimonials, staff information, feedback, and photos.

Integrate Geolocation

The information about the users’ habits, like where they go, what they eat, from where they shop, or how they socialize, will help you gain a lot of insight into your local customer’s requirement. With the help of these data analytics, you will convert the geolocation information into actionable insight. These will give the local companies a competitive edge over the others. 

Focusing on the customers with the customized products based on the proximity to your retail location will help you boost sales, total revenue, and store visits. Besides, geo-targeting may also lead a company to uncover overlaps between consumers and other local companies that could lead to profitable, organic collaborations.

Take Help of Email Marketing

In a recent survey, it has been found that email marketing has been one of the most effective ways for helping local companies to promote themselves. Developing a nice email marketing plan will help you get in touch and communicate with the target audience in a personalized way, and boost revenue. Like other channels and networks, email marketing solutions make it possible for the company to attract more clients than ever before. To optimize the efficacy of email promotions for local initiatives, businesses can do a lot.

  1. Choose the best email template from the ones which are available on different websites. 
  2. Create an email list of the audience that will be targeted by you. Also, decide on what type of emails you will be sending. Whether it will be sign-up email, discount email, first purchase email, review email, and so on. 
  3. Collaborate with the local event managers and organize in-store or trade show events, where you can display your products and services. Send an email invite to your local audience by adding in some eye-catchy lines.
  4. Remember to highlight the subject line of an email. In short, make it creative and worth remembering for people.
  5. If possible, then you can certainly customize the email with the recipient’s name and account history.

A lot of research and studies state that almost 91% of people use the emails. Hence, make sure that you plan a good email marketing strategy to attract customers.

Get Involved in Local Events

This one is not a digital marketing tip, but it surely is something much more than that. You can get in contact with the local event organizers and sponsor for some fun events. These are the best ways through which you can get in contact with the customers. This will help you raise awareness of your business profile amongst the local population. Not only will your company be advertised as a sponsor of the occasion or event, but it is also used to publicize your company. Here, the business will advertise itself to sponsor the regional website or social media accounts. Sponsorship of a local gathering offers an organization the chance to make a fair return on a modest investment when doing something for the community.

Manage the Reviews and Testimonials

Many company owners overlook the value of feedback to potential buyers and can feel their influence on the result. A new study showed that more than 95% of customers go through the online reviews for local businesses, and around 80% of those trust online reviews even more than they do trust the personal feedback from friends or relatives. It is after reading these reviews, only they go ahead and make their purchase. 

Also, these days’ customers are smart enough to find fake and real reviews. If they see only positive reviews on your website, then they are certainly never going to trust you. Hence, if you think that you can fool people by getting your hands on some self-written good reviews, it is a bad idea.

Therefore, keep staff that can track the reviews being done on your website by the customers. Tracking online feedback and reacting to any derogatory comment can not only make current customers feel understood, but it can also help you get good ratings that will never go unnoticed.

So, these were five important points that one needs to keep in mind to boost and promote your multi-location business locally. However, one more that we would mention has to be that you can personalize the content according to the location. We all know that having products specified or restrained to a location can help you gain more users. It will also help you create an emotional bond with the people. The digital marketing consultant knows very well how to work on this to create a huge impact on the users. With the help of integrating personalization into your products and services, you will, with time, become a personalized asset for the local population.

Final Words

After going through the strategies mentioned above, all of your business aspirants and achievers will understand that you can make more out of these. Be it an employee, franchisor, or owner, you can undoubtedly benefit a lot with the help of the tips that we have talked about. They will surely help you gain more customers and also make more money out of your multi-location companies.

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