Should You Automate Your Marketing?

Marketing is always something that any business owner will want to spend a lot of time on. It’s crucial to get the marketing for your business right, to target the people who are likely to spend money with you, to get the right tone, and to be noticed at all. Yet, the amount of time that marketing takes can be substantial, which can impact how much time you’re able to spend on other important aspects of your business. 

This is why many business owners have chosen to start automating their marketing processes. It gives them a lot more time to do other things, but it also means that their marketing is not neglected – business owners could even see it as the best of both worlds. With this in mind, here are some of the reasons why automating your marketing can be the ideal thing to do for your business and yourself. 

Reduced Staffing Costs 

Just as you would be able to reduce your in-house IT department if you outsourced to a managed IT company, the same can be said of marketing. You can do away with staff who are specifically employed to market your business and instead automate everything. The most significant benefit here is that it will save you money. 

Every person you employ is going to cost you a lot of your profits; even hiring one person will cost money in advertising, downtime to interview them, the cost for an employment agency if you’re using one, and all the while, you still have to run the business. Add to this the cost of actually paying them, which isn’t just their salary but also tax, and it soon adds up. 

By setting up some automated marketing, you can reduce these staffing costs considerably; you may not even need to hire anyone at all for your marketing needs, and if you were to put the money you saved into your marketing budget instead, the results could be incredible. 

Increased Revenue 

The more you advertise, the more sales you’ll make (assuming your advertising is good and it intrigues people enough to want to find out more and then buy from you). Therefore, if you can automate your marketing, you should be able to make more sales since the marketing itself won’t take as much time, and that means you can do more of it. You can make new ads more regularly, for example, because you only need to create them and not actually run them; that will be left to the automation software. Not only that, but you can post ads in multiple locations, perhaps even different ads that target different demographics. The choice will be much more option for you. 

As well as making more money because you’re advertising more, you can make more money through upselling and cross-selling, both of which can be incorporated into your automated marketing techniques. 

More Creativity 

Whether you are keeping a small marketing team or you’ve decided to do the creative work yourself (or even outsource it), when you automate the results, you are giving those who are being creative much more scope to work. Rather than having to carry out lots of repetitive tasks that are boring and take a lot of time and energy, these tasks will be taken over by the automation methods you choose. 

This means that the team, or you, are left with much more time and energy to be creative; you can really work on the marketing itself rather than worry about where to post your ads and how to grow your audience. In this way, the marketing will look much more interesting, be more professional, and will capture more people’s attention, thus being more effective overall. 

You Can Refine Your Marketing Process 

When you use marketing automation software, you will need to make a plan for your marketing in advance. Unlike when you’re doing everything yourself, the point of automating your marketing is to set things in motion so that your ads are posted and your marketing is in hand without you needing to think about it. Obviously, this means that there must be a plan to begin with, otherwise, you won’t be able to make the most of the benefits of automated marketing. 

Because you’ll need to think ahead, this gives you the perfect opportunity to refine your marketing process. You can put yourself in your customers’ shoes, looking into how they would want to see your products presented and what they need your products and services to help them with. What problems can you solve? Using these ideas, you can create the ultimate marketing plan, one that will bring you the results you want. Using automated software won’t help to create the plan itself, but it will ensure that you make one in the first place. 

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