Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales of Cigar Business

Smoking is injurious to health. That’s what we get to hear every now and then. Even scientists and stats affirm that.

Even after that, every year observes a decent hike in the sale of cigarettes and the number of smokers. Although it is a very difficult time for marketers to promote their cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and other tobacco products, brands are doing exceptionally well even in an environment dominated by negative marketing.

This blog aims to underline some of the proven strategies that can help increase the sale of cigar businesses. No matter if you are small retailer or a manufacturer, you can tweak and implement these strategies for your cigar business –

Active and Aggressive Digital Marketing –

The biggest disappointment: On platforms like Facebook, you cannot display your ads or posts – that say “buy cigar” or something similar. The good news is, you can fine-tune your digital marketing strategies to work for you.

To get started, all you have to do is to have an online presence. Build a SEO-friendly, responsive website.

A great part of digital marketing involves developing strategies that increase the visibility of your website on search engines – which is bringing your website up in search results when a user searches for a brand like you.

Next, you will need to join social channels, so your customers and partners can socialize with you. Of course, you will need to comply with the rules and terms of uses of social networks you join.

Not all social networks ban cigar and cigarette brands. You can make use of such platforms to find your ideal customers. To identify who your exact customers are – you will need to dig into your sales and marketing data and find unique traits of your users such as age, gender, occupation, location, etc. Based on your findings, you can develop an ad strategy that yields.

A similar strategy can also be followed for email marketing – which is still an effective channel of digital marketing.

Product Design/Redesign –

The quality of your product wins you loyal customers without a doubt. Believe it or not, the presentation of your product has a lot to do with your sales. And when we mention the product’s details on the product pages and presentation, we are talking about the shipping, discount, product details and packaging of the products.

For example designed product pages very well with the combination of product details, discount, review and ratings with shipping details.

Like these you can choose the colors to be used on packaging wisely, as every color has its own psychology. In marketing, consumer behavior (or psychology) is the most brainstormed data.

You can influence consumer behavior by including the right colors and color combinations on your packaging and labels. Get your packaging designed or redesigned in a way that appeals to your target audience group.

If your product looks like as other brands, let’s face it, your brand is just adding to the number of products on the shelf. By product designing, you can make your product appear different from rest of the brands in the marketplace.

There are many brands in the market. How would your consumers – your loyal consumers – identify that it is your brand. Give your product that unique trait.

Be a Part of Local Tradeshows and Events –

This is how you can make your physical presence felt in your target markets. Also, this is the most effective way to promote and spread brand awareness among local audience.

Apart from tradeshows, you can be a part of fairs, conferences, games and many social causes to spread awareness about your brand. You could be the organizer. Or you can display your ads in events and tradeshows. You can even partner or cosponsor the events.

There is another plus side of being present at tradeshows. Tradeshows are a place where you can meet potential partners and investors – who can introduce your brand to new audience. You can also find revolutionary tools and manufacturing equipment to streamline your process and save big on your production cost – which will be a great boost to your margins and overall gains.

Go Traditional –

You can also follow the old gold way of marketing – that involves booking appointments via telephone calls or emails and having your agents meet your prospects in person.

Cigar is not a cup of tea for every smoker out there.

To develop a strategy for your cigar business, your previous sales data could be a great source of information. Add fresh contacts to your database as well. Now you are ready to kick start your direct marketing journey.

Contact the people who fit into your buyer persona and send your agents for face to face calls and demonstration. Phone calls followed by agent visit – could be a valuable way of marketing of your cigar business.

Hoardings and signs can also be considered a good, hard-hitting way to market your brand. Find a busy place to display your ads. However, you will need to adhere to the local/legal rules and regulations.

Bottom Line

Sales data suggest that 85% of customers buy cigar as well as alcoholic beverages. That offers enough encouragement for cigar brands to partner with local alcohol distributors and retailers. Retailers – at an average – get 10% of sales from cigar purchase.

Turning your cigar business profitable involves trying to find new marketing landscapes and audience. As a brand, you should always stay motivated and be ready to make the most of what you have.

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