How to Use Customized Labels To Promote New Business?

Sales define the revenue figures, marketing is a comprehensive process that ensures the brand is visible in the competitive markets. This situation is critical for the startups or new products of the businesses. One of the latest and innovative techniques that can help in promoting new businesses in competitive markets is customized labels. 

It is easy and cost-effective to design a customized label for water bottles that are elegant, highly functional, and does their best in the marketing of the products. Let us know all about different types of these custom labels followed by the best ways to use them to promote new business.

Types of custom labels:

The different types of custom labels are due to the use of different technology, size, or material. Some of the popular types of custom labels include:

  • Opaque custom labels- These are printed on opaque materials.
  • Transparent custom labels- These are printed on transparent materials.
  • Digitally printed custom labels- These are printed using digital printing technology and have a cutting edge over flexographic printing.
  • Extended content custom labels- These offer accumulation of brand details on labels.
  • Embellished custom labels: These are laminated, textured, or executively finished custom labels.
  • UL/CSA custom labels: These comply with UL and CSA standards.
  • Circle/ Square/ Rectangle custom labels

Top ways to use customized labels in new business promotion:

  • Distributing at special events/ grand openings: New businesses may hold a big grand opening or host a special event for marking their start. These occasions can be used to distribute customized labels for seamless business promotion. Further, new businesses can add free product samples with these customized labels. Hence, customers can get emotionally connected to your brand.
  • Placing at storefront windows: The storefront windows are visible to the passers-bys and hence are ideal places to paste vinyl customized labels. The best part is that these customized labels stay in place for more than 6 months. These customized stickers on windows invite the customers and enhance the brand value.
  • Placing on floors and doors: The customized labels can be placed on the floors and doors that can unexpectedly draw customers’ attention. New businesses can go for the non-slip customized labels that can further point directions, products, etc., in the store. Hence, adding customized labels for directions and safety can be full of fun and engagement for customers.
  • Placing on personal items: The main purpose of placing customized labels on different personal items is to increase visibility. Business teams can start themselves by placing these stickers on their water bottles, laptops, mobiles, other accessories, etc. The more these stickers are around your store and personal items, the more will these get noticed by the customers.
  • Placing stickers on packaging: E-commerce businesses dealing with a lot of packages can go for placing customized labels on the delivery boxes. The ideal versions are the QR code stickers that give details about the brand. New businesses can go for pasting the customized stickers inside and outside the packages for best results.
  • Distributing as bumper stickers: Many people go for creative bumper stickers and your customized labels can be their next bumper stickers. New businesses can go for distributing customized labels as bumper stickers. It is one of the most effective and affordable way of promoting new brands or products as it goes to places with the customers.
  • Sharing as gifts: While customers are purchasing products online or in-store, it is ideal to gift them some of the customized labels loyalty gifts or purchase gifts. These can be fun-filled surprises and delight for the customers. These stickers will find their place at customer’s locations or on their things and businesses will get the most generic marketing for their products.
  • Handouts at trade shows: New businesses never miss the trade shows that serve an ideal purpose of SEO and marketing. Why not go for handing out the customized product labels of a new business in these trade shows? The labels having funny sayings or cool designs work the best in trade shows and are quickly recognized by the customers.
  • Selling as branded merchandise: The customized labels can be made a part of branded merchandise. Businesses can go for a dedicated section on their offline or online store that has low-cost stickers for the customers. It helps new businesses communicate their business ideas swiftly to the customers especially when they are done with their purchase.
  • Creating goodwill with employees: Last but not least is the awareness among business teams about these customized labels. Businesses can start by encouraging the employees to use customized labels and create goodwill among them for these stickers. If done properly, teams will take every possible step to use customized labels in the best possible ways to make a success for your brand.

Wrapping Up:

Businesses hence need to think about the key strategies that ensure brand promotion in the most affordable ways. When it comes to sales and marketing, both go hand in hand with any business. Going for the customized labels can be a game-changer as these have multiple benefits in promoting the new business. 

All you need to know is to go through the top ways mentioned above that can help businesses to get the best out of these labels. The ideal positioning of these custom labels in stores, on the packaging, labels, etc., together with their presence at local/ global marketing events can give a smooth drift to your marketing strategies.