How to Revamp Your Website

When it comes to a business website, these simple stack of internet pages are the door to the very core of your business, which is why it is extremely important that it not only reflects your business down to the very last detail but also allows your audience to find your website efficiently in the first place, along with what they are looking for as easily as possible.

The thing is, technology is ever-changing, optimization for the internet is in constant update and not only that, the ways in which people look for services also change and adapt depending on both of those factors, and any current socioeconomic factors. Bearing all of this in mind also means that often brands, and their websites, need to be revisited and revamped to meet new criteria and perform at an optimal level.

So, with that said, what are the factors to look out for when revamping your website?

This article will take you through the important ones.

Are There Signs Your Website Needs a Re-Vamp?

Absolutely – there are a few things to look out for when deciding whether it is time for a website to be revamped or not. 

Some of the signs which show that your website might need a look at include:

  • Slow performance – Slow websites are one of the best ways to put customers off. Not only will it take more time than necessary to navigate the site, but people tend to give up in search for something that performs better out of frustration and time preservation.
  • Low engagement – Low engagement could mean a few things. Either the website is difficult to find, is not linking to the search terms that are ideal for your business, or people just do not want to click on it – none of which are desirable.
  • Low conversion – Low engagement will ultimately lead to low conversion, which can make or break a business. Businesses need sales of products or services to keep going, so if people are not buying, something is wrong.
  • It’s dated – This is not just about the content, but also the style and functionality of a website. Are you offering the latest mod cons on your website and for your particular service? Are your competitors doing something that you aren’t, that is working well?

Have you finally changed your website font from ‘Times New Roman’?  Take a look and get honest with it, as this will help you understand the next steps to take.

Update the Inner Workings

Your website cannot flourish if it is lagging, breaking, producing 404 error pages or sending people in a frustrating circle. To find out how well your website is currently performing, make sure to do a full audit which will help identify any errors. Patch updates and bug fixes are extremely important to the health of a website so that should be addressed first. Then make sure plug-ins or any additional features are working as these may need to be updated too.

These updates are crucial to not only the workings of your website but also the security of it too. Websites which are not up to date can pose a security risk, so keep an eye out in between these major website renovations too.

A technical audit should not be an optional extra and needs to be done properly, so hiring a London SEO Agency to provide this service is a smart move. Let the professionals take care of it.

Your Direct Line to Google – SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is first important to notice what is already working on a website. If your business has already been running SEO campaigns, you should have a good idea about what works and what does not when it comes to engagement and interaction with your website. SEO is forever changing, but the core concept of it remains the same – you want your website to be recognized by search engines.

Here are some of the things you should look at when considering a revamp:

  • Optimize images – remove images that are poor quality
  • Fill in meta descriptions as accurately as possible (wherever it gives you the option)
  • Improve user experience
  • Conduct keyword research to make sure keywords still align with brand/content/audience

Content Needs a Spring Clean, and Then Some!

The content of your blog is one of the sole factors as to whether someone will a) want to visit your website and b) how long they are encouraged to stay on it – no pressure then!

Content needs to be fresh, address contemporary needs and wants, and most importantly, be optimized so users are able to discover it in the first place. 

You can write the best blog ever, but if search engines have no way to align it with the ideal keyword matches, it will go to waste. So, make sure to consider user and search intent when it comes to creating content to give your masterpieces the chance they deserve in the Google spotlight.

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