E-commerce Video Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide

I hope you would have come across a saying an image has more value than a thousand words. You know the time has changed now and that is old news in today’s marketing world. Video has replaced image, and it has become worthier now. To comprehend it, have a look at these stats:

  • Around 90% of the people say that video helps them when it comes to buying a product online.
  • Approximately 65% of the customers that get encouraged to buy a product after watching relative video
  • 70% of businesses generated more leads after using videos and 54% saw an increase in sales.

Marketing is all about the making customers, improving sales and build brand awareness, if you are an ecommerce webmaster or business owner, make sure you are not making these mistakes that directly impact consumer behavior. Video marketing is crucial for every business and especially for e-commerce, let me elaborate how we can use video marketing in our campaign.

Why video marketing for your e-commerce

You know every business has fierce competition, and e-commerce is affected by it. I am skilled enough to comprehend your query that why to opt for E-commerce video marketing based on data mentioned above. For making you comprehend it, here are reasons why you should opt video marketing:

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

In the contemporary world, every one of us conducts searches on search engines before doing anything. A 2009 report states video content appears 53 times more than written texts on Google search result page. With time, the statistics have come closer to 70 times.

As a business owner, every one of you wants to be on the very first page of Google. You need to create a YouTube account for your e-commerce site and keep it updated with relevant video content.

Set a personal association

Sometimes written text/content appears unidentified to users. It happens, as the users find it hard to decide what to choose from several similar products offered by many online stores. With video content, you can directly speak to the viewer. Through this, you set a personal association with the customers. Besides, you disclose that you are running your business with the real people, excited to sell something. Creating video content will help you stand apart from your competitors.

Help your products get exposure

To describe the features of a product, the written content is an excellent medium. However, video content enables probable customers to view the product in action. Video content created for your products helps you win the trust of your potential consumers and ensure them that the products are the same as in the advertisement.

Provide you with an alternative to market your products

Creating video content offers an option to do with your products what you can’t do with the written material. With video material, you get another medium to market your products.

Choose the right strategy for your e-commerce video marketing

Before you start video marketing for your e-commerce business, you must decide the right strategy. Think about the available resources, expectations for outputs, the role of videos on the site, and so on. Selecting the right strategy will be more comfortable for you as you have the right budget along with expectations. Here are 3 main strategies that you can choose:

  • Filming your own videos – It is the best option for the resources required. Besides, it will help you in setting up your voice along with your brand.
  • Using videos sourced from somewhere – In this option, you have to film videos with the help of experts, brands, and influencers. It can help you to examine your website visitors.
  •  Mixing the curated videos with your own – It allows you to mix up your video content with some videos of the product experts. With this, you can keep your customers engaged.     

Types of product videos

On YouTube, you can come across several types of videos. As far as e-commerce video marketing is concerned, I know five types of product videos. Here they are:

  • How to Videos – With it, you can make users learn how to use a particular product.
  • Product-in-use Videos – It describes all about your product with the real people.
  • Close-up Video – With it, you can help your customers to have an eye view/close look of your product.
  • Installation Video – With it, you will instruct your customers how to set/install a product.
  • Story Video – With this, you can disclose the story behind a product. Your customers comprehend why you have manufactured it, how you have made it, and what good can do a product for them.      

E-commerce Video Marketing – The right way to do it

Most of us usually buy the products/avail the services we come across in the video form whether on television or on the Internet. Many videos are uploaded and a few of them become viral. You need to make your video content viral for ensuring your e-commerce success. Here are some useful tips for your support:

Explore your niche

First of all, comprehend the space you want to be. Conduct in-depth research before you start developing your video content. Based on the type of your business, develop your style and tone. For making effective videos, get skilled in the subject material that suits your target patrons. In addition, ensure that youre-commerce website is friendly to the videos you are filming. Your videos must be able to narrate compelling stories and cater to the requirements of users.

Leave an impression at the beginning of videos

The message – First impression is the last impression – is somewhat true in many cases. People go to watch the movies with evocative trailers. A 2016 Facebook report reveals that people who have good experience in watching videos in the first three seconds go to watch the entire video. It means your video content should be persuasive in nature. It should capture the audience mind in the very beginning.

Film videos on How-to

You know people love buying products that are easy to use/install. To sell your product, creating video content on How to will help you know how to use a particular product. In such a video, you should focus on what problems the product can address, features.

Film videos on FAQs too

Keep in mind people have queries about a product they come across and they want to get those queries solved before using the product. You should film a video on relevant FAQs. It should contain right answers to all relevant questions about a product.

Use a strong Call to Action button at the end

At the end of your product video, you should place a compelling Call to Action button. Going to click on that button means the customers are eager to buy the same. With this, you will enforce your probable patrons to take an action that can lead to a sale.

Monitor the results

We expect positive results for what we do in our life. In business, you work for making profits. Like other marketing, you need to evaluate your video marketing too. You can do this in a number of ways and some of them are as follows:

  • Number of people watching your videos
  • Duration of watching your videos
  • Behaviour of consumers on pages with video content and the pages without videos
  • Impact on your site
  • Conversion rates in comparison with pages without videos

Getting the answers to these queries will help you how to go ahead with your e-commerce video marketing strategy. It is an extraordinary marketing option for your e-commerce site. Take your time to execute it with perfection and reap the success you want. Get the support of a professional if you find it difficult to do yourself.