Best Free and Paid Twitter Apps for Android

With the evolution of digitization, the use of smartphones is increasing. The percentage of smartphone users who use social media are more comparatively.  

As compared to Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the one who is standing out among others. 

As per the recent statistics:

  • 500 million tweets are sent every day
  • 326 million users are using Twitter every month
  • It has become a number one platform for the government officers. 
  • There is 75% of B2B business market on twitter
  • Tweet with GIF has 55% of more engagement
  • 93% of the videos are viewed on smartphones

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media websites these days. It is a manner to communicate with each other and handles the world updation all around the world. 

It has become a go-to choice for the one who loves to express their emotions with fewer words. Many users prefer Twitter to collect information on eminent personalities from the world, that has made it the leading platform. 

Twitter has its own official Twitter app for Android but, still, several users get into third-party apps. Many apps are designed by mobile app development companies and which is listed in the news section of an app store and has become a home for several famous memes. But, it is undergoing some of the issues, like, bullying and fake news, and is using every possible way to curb it. 

Let’s take a look into this and figure out, is it worth installing third-party Twitter apps? 

We have integrated a list of several Twitter apps for android users that encompasses more features than Twitter itself. Let’s get started!!

Best Twitter apps for Android


It was earlier known as Touiteur. Plume is one of the best Twitter apps for Android. It gets updated from some years and holds a user interface based on Material Design. 

With Plume, you can colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter. You can set up multiple Twitter accounts, Mute twitter users, word or applications, and a lot more. 

The further features it consolidates are; customization options, multiple account support, facebook integration, support for shorter URLs. It is seen that it’s premium version works better than the free version. Though it is free, but to upgrade to its premium package, you need to spend $4.99.


TweetCaster has one of the amazing interfaces. You can manage and easily post to multiple Twitter accounts. This lets you to concurrently post to facebook, twitter, and many more accounts with the photo effects for the shared content. It is acknowledged as the best alternative of twitter app for Android by many users. 

If you want to enjoy the latest features, then you need to upgrade to the premium version. Using TweetCater, you can also check the recent statistics of twitter, including the themes. 

Fenix 2

The new version of Fenix has more advanced features than the previous one. It is more beneficial as the previous one is not available on the android app (Google Play). Fenix 2 supports many accounts with an elegant interface, excellent designing, the best preview of images, GIFs, and videos. It also supports the showcases from External websites, such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, and many more. 

This app also allows for heavy customization and enable you to access the recent searches easily. This application is compatible with the latest versions of Android, such as Android 5.0. To enjoy its features, you need to pay $2.99.  


It is a plain, lightweight, and secure app and comes up with the material design and some advanced features, like, security procedures, open-source setup, and tweet expansions, etc. Twidere came up with several configurations set up and customization to assist one to achieve what they require. 

Though, it is definite that the features are differentiated with free and premium versions. It gives numerous customization tabs to use the outstanding drafts, filers, shortcuts, etc. The premium version is available at $3.99.


UberSocial is developed by the same developers who have given us Plume. It assists in integrating social media platforms by posting the necessary things on it. Additionally, it has several account postings, conversation views, post muting so that it can be more functional. It has an Inner circle feature with which you can get alerts when some of your favored users posts. 

For that, the users have to assign the profile to get a notification. UberSocial also authorizes you to mute the hashtags or the people. It has a free version but to access the advanced features; you need to upgrade it to the premium version with $4.99.


Tweetpane app is known for its lightweight and easy customization options. It permits you to add only those tabs that you think the users want to see. Accordingly, you can keep only that stuff that you want to have. 

Using the free version, you can have access to three accounts, whereas the paid version authorizes you to access the five accounts. It’s premium version is available at $4.99.


Manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles with Hootsuite. You can post on platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. at the same time. If you want to access the business-related features, then, you need to get a subscription. It is most suitable for those who wish to update their social media profiles to trace social media streams to use only the appropriate content for online campaigns. 

Hootsuite also gives you insight into how the other contents are functioning so that you can maintain the diversity in the content accordingly. You have to pay $19.99+per month to use its features and functionalities; otherwise, it is free as well.


It is a new and friendly app in the list of android apps. With this app, you can log into Twitter and check the old timeline as the other twitter applications. It gives you several tools with which you can customize accordingly but with the premium version only. 

Friendly gives you the authentication to download the GIFs, Twitter videos, and images as per your choice. It is free, but for the pro version, you need to pay $1.99 to $9.99.


With its extensive features, it has been used by most. The best thing about Talon is that it does not show the ads and provides you a bright and vivid user experience. It also offers you the best customization options that let you customize the home screen for the best and outstanding user experience. 

You can also check the latest tweets you have posted with Android wear app. With its crucial widgets, you can place the timelines, mentions, and other necessary information on the home screen. It does not let you redirect to another application to play the Twitter app, Twitter GIF, and Youtube videos without redirecting to some other application. 

For the User interface, Google Material designs are used to have quick access to the data. It is a paid application, and $2.99 is the price you need to pay.  


Without any doubt, twitter is the best application to practice. It is on the top of the list because of the extensive services it provides. It has the data mining allegations but still is offering users the same functionality that they can discover while browsing from the desktop. 

It has several features, such as mute features, twitter moments and twitter footage, etc. It holds the efficient synchronizing features, extensive tokens. It is a totally free app.

Wrapping up

We have mentioned the best applications (free and paid) for Android users. The defined ones are integrated with the features that are not going to disappoint you. These are worth the deal. 

If you have a wish to be a master of social media, then using the applications is definitely worth it. You are good to go now!!

We hope you liked this article. If there are some queries and suggestions related to the blog, then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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