8 Ways push notifications to boost your engagement and sales for e-commerce

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement has definitions. The overall crux is that customer engagement is all about the interaction between your customer and your brand. It’s a continuous process. Customers and the brand interact with each other on a regular basis. The interaction could be on your website, social platforms, live chat or any other platform. A strong customer engagement creates an emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

Why Customer Engagement is so important?

Customer engagement is very crucial when it comes to e-commerce. An engaged customer is talking about your brand to others and keeps coming to your website for shopping. As per Gallop research, engaged customers represent an average of 23% more in terms of the company revenue as compared to average customers. Customer engagement helps in – Creating brand ambassadors, increasing sales, loyal customers and more.

Using Web Push Notifications, you can boost your customer engagement which in turn increase sale for your e-commerce business. Push Notifications are small alert type messages that appear on the desktop as well as mobile browsers.

Since push notification is delivered directly on the browser; it’s hard to miss by the subscribers. Web Push Notifications has come a long way and has built exclusive features for e-commerce websites to increase customer engagement and sales.

Top 10 ways push notifications can boost customer engagement and sales for e-commerce website

1. Increase in Subscription

To run any marketing campaign or promote a product, you need subscribers. Using Web Push Notifications, the subscription process is very simple and easy. Users can subscribe to your push notification without giving any personal details.

Just by click user will be subscribed to your push notification.

The user has to click Allow to get subscribed. You can get up to a 15% subscription rate which is very healthy as per industry standards.

Vegis, one of the e-commerce sites, got a 10X higher subscription rate using Push Notifications as compared to e-mail.

2. Using Large Image In Push Notifications

Push Notification allows you to include images. You can include a small image (site image) or include a large image. Below is an example:

Studies have shown that push notifications with the large image can lead to 62% higher CTR as compared to regular push notifications.

Higher CTR for your push notifications means that your subscribers like your push notifications and are engaging with your website.

3. Expiry

“You received a notification about a sale event. You clicked on it and come to the website only to know that the event is over.”

“Similarly, you open your laptop after a long holiday only to be bombarded with n number of push notifications.”

In both cases, you will be annoyed and won’t click on those notifications. You may even unsubscribe from a push notification.

This could be easily avoided using the Expiry feature of push notification. While sending a push notification, put an expiry like 48 hours or 3 days for the notification. This way user will always receive fresh push notifications. Your push notifications will not appear to be intrusive and will lead to better customer engagement.

4. Segmentation

Every user is different. If you send the same push notifications to all users, the chances of getting higher engagement are minimal. You need to send targeted push notifications to increase your engagement rate.

Targeting is very crucial for every marketing campaign. Using Push Notification you can segment your subscribers based on multiple attributes.

Always send targeted push notifications to the segment. Studies show that notifications send to the segment resulted in 2X click rates as compared to notification send to all.

5. Drip Notification

Once a user subscribes, you need to nurture them about your brand and product. This can be done using Drip Notification. It allows you to send a series of push notification automatically to new subscribers.

Below is an example to show how you can use it to nurture your lead:

Drip push notification campaign example

In the above image, you can see how to use drip. From day 1 you can start nurturing your lead about brand and product. One of the leading blogs, ShoutMeLoud, uses drip to create multiple campaigns for different categories. It was able to increase conversion by 10% using a drip campaign.

6. Cart Abandonment

This is one of the common issues faced by all e-commerce websites. Every e-commerce website faces this issue. Along with website optimization, you need to focus on recovering the lost sale due to cart abandonment.

Push Notification is a great tool in re-engaging cart abandonment users and increase conversion rates. You can create multiple push notification under the cart abandonment campaign to be sent when a user abandons the cart.

One of the e-commerce, Wicked Weasel was getting up to 9.58% conversion rate for cart abandonment push notification campaign.

7. Price Alert

Most of the customers are price sensitive. They will also look for a good bargain. With price alert, you can send automatic push notification to those subscribers when there is a price change. Since those customers were interested, the chances of them converting are very high.

Using Push Notifications, users can set price alerts for their favorite products. Whenever there is a price drop, they will automatically receive a price alert push notification. This can significantly increase your push notification conversion rate.

8. Trigger Notification

Your website has multiple calls to action areas. Users can view product video, download product pdf and more. You can decide which customer action is important for your website. Based on the action you can trigger an automatic push notification.

Customer taking action on your website shows the interest level. You can nurture that customer based on their interests by trigger a relevant push notification.

trigger push notification example

Consider a case where the user has saved the product but didn’t complete the purchase. This shows that the user is interested in buying the product at a later point. You can trigger a notification showing the user about their saved product and also can offer an exclusive discount.

In Conclusion

Web Push Notification is a new age re-engagement tool. The ease of integrating and loads of benefits has made it one of the most effective re-engagement channels. Push Notification integration is available for most of the platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and more. Start using push notification and see the impact on your website conversion and customer engagement.

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