8 Ways Facebook Live Has Opened Up New Avenues for Marketers Around the world

Facebook live was launched in the public forum in the year 2016. It gave users a space to create real live videos. These are videos are hosted in real time. They are broadcasted over a large audience. They can also be promoted in other platforms. Its function is really simple. To conduct a live video, you need two very simple things – camera and good network connection. Any device with a camera access will do. And a good data connection to present high-quality videos. 

Facebook live videos can be hosted for up to 8 hours. They won’t get deleted after that. They are grouped in your archive folder. You can repost them as and when needful. Facebook live videos have a long-life period. Whether it is a real-time broadcast or later on posts. 

Marketers can benefit a lot by using Facebook live. The following eight points that will highlight, how Facebook live has opened up new avenues for marketers around the world. 

1.   Engagements Are Vital Than Views

What do you want your users to do? Simply see or interact more?

Facebook live analytics makes you aware of viewer engagements. It helps you understand the number of people interacting with you, while watching the video. Helps you to know the number of people genuinely interested. Engagements are done through – clicks on reactions and commenting. Interested viewers will let you know. They will talk to you and ask you questions. They might praise you as well. They won’t simply sit back and watch your video. They will participate. Facebook live makes you aware of the engagement statistics in your videos. It helps you to distinguish between importance of views and interactions. 

2.   Promotions

Imagine live videos being streamed in real time across various interactive spaces, simultaneously? Can you imagine the impact it can create? 

Well, Facebook live helps you to cross post. Cross post is a function that helps you to share your own videos. These can be done in real time across several digital platforms. It will give a great head start to your video. The number of viewers will boost in a short time.Additionally, your viewers can also promote your video. How? By sharing your live video to their friends. That way, video viewership grows instantly. Thus, helping you to reach many people. Interactions increase constantly and you get to introduce your brand to more new people. If the new viewers like your substance, the clicks on share button increases.

3.   High prevalence

People spend at the least 10 – 90 minutes daily, in Facebook. 

Facebook is being used daily. People from all age groups have access to it. The traffic on Facebook is higher than any other social media. Videos are already a growing tool in use. What if you combine that with a social media platform having the highest usage? The results are enormous viewership, larger audience base and high performance efficiency. Facebook live videos creates enjoyable experiences. People like to see others doing work in real time videos. These videos last long. Your followers can also see them later. If they like it, the possibility of a better viewership in next live videos become high.

4.   Instant Sales 

Real time sales in real time videos! 

Live sales generation during live videos?

Live videos can be made as creative as possible. You must make them with the aim to captivate viewer’s attention. Lead them to take actions in your videos. Encourage them to participate. Convince them but in a fun way. When you do this it gives you a strong hold on your followers. Now, how is this fruitful instantly? Well, Facebook live has an option called “buy now”. If you can engage your audience well, you can persuade them to take action on “buy now” calls. These allow viewers to participate in your business instantly. As a business, you will be able to study how to keep live videos interesting at every second. How to draw more attention to them. How to persuade your audience to promote your brand. And strategies to maximize sales to earn highest revenue. You have to keep your audience engaged. Constantly letting them know who you are as a business. The more individuals act on buy now calls, the more sales leads generates.

5.   Real Conversations and Feedbacks

Facebook live videos have the most humane interactions. These are face to face engagements that are friendlier. The interactions are then and there. Therefore, the problem solving becomes easy. Different queries generated in live videos could be attended faster. When audience sees their queries being addressed at a fast rate. They are more likely to give instant feedbacks, as well. Facebook live allows open discussions where everybody can see everything. Hence, real conversation made to one will create positive impressions on others. The overall impact tends to be positive. Thereby, attracting more audience involvement. 

6.   Performance Analysis Is Quicker

Facebook live enables you to know how many people are engaged in your video. The number of comments. The number of shares being done. Which group of people have likely shown more interest? How many are your own viewers and how many are through shares. If the new people have started to follow you or not. Percentage of the audience who has watched for the longest time. How many people have dropped off in between? At what point in the video did they exit. Is there anything as such, in that time frame that wasn’t interesting enough? Also, what did keep a number of people going on in the live video?

All the above questions are answered quicker through live performance analysis. You can keep streaming as well as keep track of performance growth. As to what interests a larger audience. If you have a short viewership length, what marketing strategies you can adopt to have the longest view time. Facebook live enables you to build brand awareness and retrospect your marketing performance.

7.   Live Demonstrations

Would you like a recorded demo of your favorite product or a real time live video?

The more realistically can you market your brand, the more attention it is likely to catch! Whether it is unboxing a product or demonstrating a service. As a viewer, the session becomes more interesting to watch. Viewers will be inquisitive to know more about your brand. More questions and queries will flow in. Giving them detailed demos about the brand will make them sustain longer in the live video. This way your viewership will increase.  Facebook live videos are made without cuts and edits. Therefore they are quite raw. And viewers tend to pay more attention and interest.

8.   A Personal Experience through Anytime Recording

We all love a little sneak peek in the backstage working of our loved brands! Don’t you?

Well then as a business, it is imperative to give your audience personalized experience of your environment. In the form of showing a brand’s workspace social life. Your audience wants to know you well. It wants to understand your work dynamics. And the more you add them in your life, will help you in sustaining your image in their minds. They willingly will engage more with you, even after live steam video ends. You will be in a position to earn faithful group of followers. Who will seek to promote your page and share your future projects. Important business events can crop up anytime. Many a times, private events are being held at places where public cannot be called physically. Now, how to send that across your audience. How to make it available to your viewers at ease, becomes an important question. Like I said earlier, if you have a good camera and a good network access, filming is as easy as making a call! You got to open you Facebook page, click in live video and start filming.

Last but not the least, understanding the workings of live videos assures you, as a business, positive results. It allows and helps your audience to interact with you easy without obstructions, in real time. Your business and your audience help each other to give value added service to one another.

Aditya is the founder of Digital Polo a unique design company that provides unlimited design work for a simple, affordable fee. He also heads a full-service digital agency called Nico Digital.

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