6 Essential Growth Hacking Tools for a Smart Business Move

Whether it is a startup or an enterprise that has been in the market for a while, the business you are in has to grow somehow. Since technology has been scoring points by creating great things, you might as well put them to work in your business.

To hack growth, you need to start off with brainstorming. Plus, you need activate the audience not just add them as followers and leave them there. You can definitely reinvent your channels so that you get into the heads of your customers.

Doing these will result in more growth. And people, more growth means more revenue and furthermore expansion in your enterprise. The components should be strong so that you have a strong growth strategy.

So here are six essential growth hacking tools for a smart business move.

Qualaroo – Survey Users
This tool gives you the freedom of conducting surveys on your site so that you get to know the user’s experience. The insights make your product useful and you get a chance to improve.

These surveys help you to know who your customers are and what are they searching for on your site. The website surveys will target visitors by traffic source, page, visiting number, activity, etc.

Web surveys help you to optimize your website, improve marketing, improve the products, and boosts the growth of your company. Brands like Uber, Spotify, Starbucks, etc. use Qualaroo to conduct surveys.

Optimizely – Test Ideas
You can use A/B testing with this tool. You can compare both versions of your site. For example, A is your current version and B will be the upgraded version of your website.

The experiment will show 50 percent of users from both the versions and this will help you decide which version is better. Additionally, you don’t need to know any coding.

With this tool, you can increase your revenue from digital channels, engage with visitors, and stay connected with compelling customers. This will help you deliver delight to customers.

ListBuilder – Collect Emails
You can build a list of visitors that gives you a great opportunity to build a long-term relation with your customers. ListBuilder is an easy tool to offer the users an eBook or PDF download.

With this tool, you can get several email subscribers as well. The email addresses can be collected from both mobile and website visitors. The popup will prompt guests to enter their emails.

More email subscribers lead to the increase in customers and a great hike in revenue. Plus, all the emails are in one place. And you can go back to conversations at any time. Remember to have a sturdy content format in the email that will grab the eyes of your recipient.

Colibri – Find Opportunities
You can scale your traffic with this tool. Colibri.IO increases the results of the SEO and enhances the online appearance of your website. This tool informs you about the users that are searching for your competitor’s websites.

You can improve your brand position in search engines with this tool. Additionally, you can find conversations about your brand, its competitors, your brand’s products, etc.

You can always monitor what people say about your brand on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. You can even talk about your competitors. This will increase your brand’s visibility.

Hotjar – Analytics and Feedback
Hotjar is a tool that will help you to understand your mobile as well as the website visitors. This tool helps you carefully view your analytics and brings you and the company closer to opportunities for growth.

This tool will help you understand the needs of users. You can even interact with the customers on the site by visually representing the clicks, taps, and scrolling behaviors. From the analysis, conversion funnels, recordings to surveys, feedback polls and testers, every single thing is available in this one tool – Hotjar.

The old way is long gone where you used to have several tools for each thing. Now you have a brand new way, where you can find all the solution in one tool. Brands like Microsoft, Nintendo, IKEA, etc. are using Hotjar.

BuzzSumo – Checking Your Content And SEO
There are great chances that your growth hacking strategy involves content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. If so, BuzzSumo is a tool that you must have.

With this tool, the website will show you which all contents were a hit online. Simultaneously, it will identify the influencers in your field. You can just simply put in a keyword and leave the rest on BuzzSumo.

This tool will then redirect you to the relevant articles and blogs, especially the ones that are trending. Brands, publishers, and agencies using this tool are Expedia, Yahoo, IBM, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, The Telegraph, Ogilvy, Seer, and so on.

Above were the growth hacking tools you should definitely use to make your company expand. These tools mentioned above will help you in gaining more users, reconnecting with previous customers and retaining all sorts of consumers.

All-in-all, you have to analyze where your content is going, who checks out your websites, who is opening the mail you sent, how many people is your website influences, what are your site’s strengths and weaknesses, etc. Looking after these little points will lead you to the path of growth.

Are you ready for the expansion of your business?

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