11 Quick and Easy Website Improvements Resulting in More Conversions

Are you a website owner looking to increase your profits? Fortunately, there are a few sure-fire methods you can try to increase your conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process of improving the rate your visitors take action on your site. That action can including buying a product or service or signing up for future communication.

Here are 11 things you can do to improve the conversion rate of your website.

1. Declutter Your Site

You want to aim at having a clean and straightforward site that makes sense to your visitors. Clarity is vital when it comes to presenting compelling ideas and offers. The use of whitespace is also important as shown in the image below:

You have clarity when each webpage on your site has just one message and one main call to action, whether that be to buy or opt-in to your email list.

Categorizing your content into specific page sections or categories will also help keep your site clean and straightforward.

2. Build Trust Factors

Why should your visitors trust you? That’s a question you need to answer. Think about all the reasons you got into your business and what makes you, your products, or your services stand apart. List those and that’s where you start coming up with your answer.

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When you express this in your copy use a conversational tone. You can also build trust when you sympathize with your visitors and their problems. Maybe you offer a service to help new businesses https://papertyper.net/ with their digital marketing. Make sure to hone in on how you recognize how difficult it is for an entrepreneur to wear every hat. Tell your visitors a relevant story that encapsulates their experience related to what you’re offering.

Having a picture of yourself, your team, or your family also builds trust.

 3. Make Sure Your Site Looks Good on Mobile

When you’re building your website, test and make sure it looks OK on mobile. It’s easy to assume it’ll look great on every device, but often, it won’t.

Using a responsive WordPress theme helps ensures mobile compatibility. But it’s still worth the small effort to try it out on multiple devices with several different browsers. Nothing screams amateur like a headline that can’t be read on an iPhone.

It’s worth your time to optimize your website for mobile use, as 69% of smartphone users say they are more likely to buy from companies with mobile sites that address their questions. And over 52% of web traffic is from mobile devices.

4. Speed Up Your Site

Speeding up your website will positively impact your visitor’s user experience. The faster your site and pages load up, the easier your visitors can get to the content they want, and the quicker they can process their purchase or opt-in.

One way of speeding up your website is to limit HTTP requests. These are information packets sent between your site and the server. You do that by limiting the number and size of your images, stylesheets, and scripts.

Having a high-quality web hosting company backing your site ensures your visitor is getting an optimum speed experience.

5. Use Awesome Images That Relate

Be very selective about the images you use. Avoid using them as space fillers. If you’re just using them as filler, you’re better off not using them at all. Remember the first tip: keep your site simple and clean. Images should help with your messaging or leave them off your site.

6. Limit the Number of Fields Visitors Need to Enter to Request Information

When it comes to forms, the more information you request from your visitor, the lower the probability they will sign-up.

Filling out forms is not an activity your visitors look forward to doing. It’s just a chore for them to get something. That’s why when asking anyone to share their information; you’ve got to have something far more valuable before they are willing to give you even just an email address, let alone a full mailing address.

Typically, it’s enough to ask visitors for their name and email address. If you need to ask for more, you’d better give them an excellent reason why.

7. Social Proof

People often look to each other for confirmation of the actions they take. That’s social proof. And social proof is one of the most influential motivators for action. You can show evidence that others like your business in many different ways.

This includes listing your business credentials or revealing social media shares. Endorsements from experts or a trusted authority or a celebrity also put a stamp of approval on your standing.

8. Testimonials

User testimonials are compelling conversion tools. It’s one of the most frequently used social proof for buyers who want to check out the credibility of the site and the product or service. There’s nothing like real words from real people who have experienced what you’re about to experience to help you make a decision.

Strangely, many still don’t realize the value of testimonials as a strong motivator for connecting with their online visitors.

Take the time to ask for feedback and a testimonial after anyone has purchased anything. It’s practically free marketing for the picking.

9. Rework Your Headline to Include Benefits

Headlines are the first words your web visitors or page readers are going to see. You have about 3 seconds to capture the interest of a visitor to get them to read the first paragraph. Having a headline that immediately reveals the benefit a visitor will get if they read on is an essential element in capturing a visitor’s attention.

Your headline has to answer why your reader should care, and it should do so definitively. You have to explain what’s in it for them. You can accomplish this by making a promise of a benefit that uniquely targets your ideal reader or visitor.

10. Have Strong Calls to Action on Your Site

What exactly are you offering? Is it a product? Is it a service?  Be clear about what you’re offering right up front on your site. Make sure you have the call to action for visitors to learn more or buy on each page of your site.

Having a clear and strong call to action on every page allows you to reach out to visitors who are in different stages of desire. Visitors who are ready to purchase can find your calls-to-action quickly and easily. Those who still need to learn more information can access the call-to-action to get more information.

Figure out which type of visitor you need to appeal to by the content on your page. Then make sure the right call to action is front and center.

11. Clarify Your Copy

Just as you’ve learned how important it is to have an uncluttered site, clarity is also an essential element in any marketing message. One idea. One message. That’s the thousand foot high perspective on any persuasive copy.

All the details, benefits, and features of your product and service need to speak to that one idea, that one message. Considering all that leads to clear copy.

Why is precise copy important for conversion optimization?

It’s because our visitors have a lot of things on their minds. Don’t make them think too hard.  Clear, simple copy focuses attention in a way where you can take them by the hand and guide them to what will truly benefit them.


Take the time to check off each one of these tips to improve your conversion rate. Each one is quick and easy to do. The time and effort in increasing your conversion rate will be well worth it for the returns free grammar check you get in the form of purchases or sign-ups.

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