10 Ways To Improve Conversions On Your Ecommerce Store in 2020

Ecommerce stores are blowing up in 2020 and there are quite a handful of companies who are making thousands of dollars of the month by doing a couple of things right. It is estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020 so it is important that you learn to optimize your store to bring in more profits.

Let’s get started.

1.  Have An Eye-Catching Clear Headline Above The Fold On Your Homepage

One of the most important things you can do for your eCommerce store is to have a clear headline that shows the biggest benefit you can give to your customer like below…

What I like Ratio Coffee does is that they clearly show you that you can make great coffee quickly with just one button. And even better is that they have the call to action below that you can instantly click on.

It’s important to show this above the fold because customers usually quickly visit a website and leave within a couple of seconds if there is nothing that catches their eye.

2.  Highlight Your Best Reviews And Show That You Actually Care About The Customer

The best eCommerce stores will treat their customers the best because they know that when you treat a customer right that they are much more likely to recommend and buy from you again.

Ratio Coffee shows us again that they take the time to answer any questions or reviews that people might have like below…

Another interesting thing that they did was they highlighted a testimonial that is from a major website. What this does is it shows that it gives the company more credibility because a well-known company like Uncrate wrote a stellar review for them.

You want to show your customers even on your product page your best reviews and show that you care about the customers by answering them when they write a review or when they ask a question.

3.  Show The Features AND Benefits On Your Product Page To Your Customers

The best products online showcase exactly what they are going to give them as well as why they should care about those features.

Amazon does a great job below…

You see, by having quality pictures of the actual image people will know what to expect when they order it online. They also give you the important features and benefits in their description like…

  • …an additional layer of protection to improve durability and reduce fraying.
  • Apple MFi certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility…

They are showing you what exactly the product is and how it can help you and what you should be doing for your products.

4.  Have A Clear Visible CTA And Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy

When people are buying products from your page online you want to make it as easy as possible with no distractions.  When people want to buy your product but you make your purchase button hard to find and it’s difficult to fill out the information then you are probably going to lose that customer.

Amazon is also great for making the purchasing as seamless as possible like below…

They contrast the colors so that not only is it easy to find but that the customer can add to the cart whenever they feel that they are ready to purchase. Amazon also has a buy now button for people who have already bought on Amazon so that it takes only one click to purchase. When you take out the process of filling out the information each time you order it makes it much easier for people to convert and buy your product.

5.  Create A Memorable And Unique About Page

Having a face to a business helps connect with your customers especially in 2020. People want to know who owns the business and learn a bit more about them.

Telegramme Paper does this by creating a headline that grabs your attention while having pictures of them like below…

What I really like about them is that their about page is different. What they do is they:

  • Use the headline “We Make Damn Fine Paper Goods” to add a little personality to their business
  • A picture of the married couple business owners to “humanize” their business
  • And a little description of how popular their paper goods are…

All to create the impression that this is a family-owned business that makes great paper goods.

6.  Add Personality AND Incentives To Your Email List

Everyone knows that when you sign up for an emailing list for an eCommerce store that they are going to probably sell you similar items.

Now a great way to make people sign up for your list is to not only show you incentives but also making it a little fun too like how Tattly does it below…

By adding the words “We send fun emails!” and using the words “please” gives you the feeling that it’s not just a company but humans running it. They understand that a lot of eCommerce sends boring emails so they differentiate themselves by sending interesting emails that customers would enjoy reading along with 20% off your next order.

7.  Create A FAQs Page With Your Customer’s Most Common Questions

This should be below the product description and the reason you want this is because you want to remove any doubts from your customer before they commit to purchasing. Some good examples are from Tattly…

Or even from Amazon…

By having a Faqs page customers will have the answers to the questions they might have which would make them much more likely to purchase. Even better would be to have a specific FAQ page for each product so that it shows that you not only care about the customers but are also setting the expectations for the customer.

8.  Have Your Contact Information Visible Throughout Your Website

One major problem eCommerce stores have is that it is sometimes difficult to contact them if you have any questions.

That’s why it is important to put your contact information wherever the customer is likely to see just like what Little Sparrow Tea does below…

People tend to scroll to the bottom because that is where email subscriptions usually are and there is also a visible way to contact the company in case you have any questions.

9.  Create A Membership For Your eCommerce Store For Your Premium Members

Death Wish Coffee does a great job by showing them perks and benefits for becoming a member like below…

By creating a membership for your loyal customers what it does is…

  • Create a community for people to join and share their coffee with each other
  • Have more benefits for inviting people to become members as well as receive discounts for their coffee
  • Track information from what they buy so you can recommend similar items

Having customers also become members also creates the likelihood that they are going to buy more coffee from them again.

10.              Use Email Subscription Pop-ups To Boost Your Email Conversions And Sales

There are certain apps you can use to determine when the popup comes whether it’s when you scroll a certain amount of the page or after a certain amount of time.

Many of the top eCommerce stores use this because it just works and having more email subscribers gives you a chance to build a relationship with them and make them more likely to buy from you.

Death Wish Coffee again does a great job below…

The reason why I think this is great is that…

  • They give you a headline that grabs your attention
  • It’s easy to fill out
  • And there’s a little bit of urgency (“Fast Cash. Sign up now before it disappears.”)


I hope that you were able to find this helpful as I showed you 10 ways on how to improve your eCommerce store with simple things like showing the features and benefits of the product to possibly creating a membership site for your store. Let me know in the comments below which one you found the most helpful to add to your eCommerce store.

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