Snapchat Adds New Audience Insights for Platform Influencers

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The time is now for Snapchat to regain its momentum, and it’s wasting no time in rolling out new tools to encourage both advertisers, and now influencers, to make better use of the platform.

Following the expansion of their Advertising API availability, Snap Inc. is also giving selected creators access to in-depth analytics data to help them refine their Snapchat approach.

Snapchat Adds New Audience Insights for Platform Influencers | Social Media Today

As reported by TechCrunch (and as shown above), the new analytics data includes:

  • Total Story Views – Filterable by the past week, month and year to date
  • Time Spent Viewing Stories – Listed in minutes, the past week, month, and year to date
  • Daily Unique Story Viewers – Including average time unique viewers spent watching and completion rates
  • Audience Demographics – With gender breakdowns, age brackets, and top geographic regions
  • Audience Interests – including lifestyle categories relevant to your most engaged users

It’s a major step forward for Snapchat, which has long neglected platform influencers. In fact, Snap has traditionally made a point of not treating influencers any differently to other users – but they did start to soften this stance last year with the expansion of ‘Official Stories’ to a wider range of prominent users.

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