Instagram Added New Ways to Engage With Followers

Instagram recently rolled out new features to interact with your connections or friends. Now you can connect through music on Instagram stories and see some new interactive stickers, now your followers can respond to your questions stickers with a song from the music library. Even your friends and follower help to find perfect music or songs for you.

Countdowns Options in Stories

Instagram has added a feature to add countdown stickers to stories. Now user and use countdown for their event, videos or webinar even e-commerce marketing companies can use stickers for their offers and upcoming products.

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There is a function that sends you notification when the countdown is over. Now you can get more benefit in your Instagram marketing campaign by implementing countdown function.

Live Questions and Answers

With new Instagram function users can send question stickers during live videos and ask questions and you can response them in real time. The person can easily see questions from followers while on live video and answer the queries.

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Connect through music on Instagram Stories

Now you can connect your followers or friends through music on Instagram stories. You can send question stickers also you can send a song from the music library. You will have a new music icon when you use the question stickers and open your viewer’s list and their responses even you can capture a photo and videos as the music plays in the background.


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