How to survive Black Friday on your online store

Black Friday is this special day of sales and discounts that can be a dream for customers but turn into a complete nightmare for sellers. To avoid all kind of problems that not only ruin your day but also damage your business reputation it is very important to anticipate most common challenges in advance. The main rule is very simple and classy even in the constantly changing world of e-commerce. It says that every perfect black Friday takes many Fridays (or any other days) to prepare. Here is a do-list that might help to survive the great sale in the online store:

– Check the settings and site resilience

This is definitely a number one task in any to-do list. A website that wasn’t ready for Black Friday customers is the most common problem and the only way to deal with it is check everything in advance. If you came up with a great marketing strategy, be ready that number of people visiting your site will exceed your expectations.

– Prepare your advertising activities

As a customer, you can totally forget about Black Friday and remember about it on Thursday night, but as a seller you have to prepare advertising campaign, even if it is going to be a very small one.  Even in case of little marketing budgets you should always do some online advertising and send e-mails with your best offers for a Black Friday. And it is really important that you customer had some time to think and dream about your offers before ordering it on Black Friday.

– Offer free shipping

It is understandable that everyone expects sales on Black Friday, but free shipping setting is this little gesture of personal attention that will certainly impress your customers. That is especially important for small businesses that can’t offer the lowest prices but can offer better and more personal service.

– Use social media

This part of the list might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many online stores forget to promote Black Friday sales on their social media or do it the very last moment. To make the most out of social media marketing, you have to start in advance and make sure to remind your customers about special offers before all the competitors do it.

– Cut prize for the second item

It is always nice to boost your sales and facilitate buying by offering a special price for the second or third item. But this might work especially well when your customers are in Black Friday mood and trying to make the most out of their money.

– Be extra nice to your loyal customers

Black Friday is a great day not only to win new clients but to pay special attention to those who stay with your store for the whole year. Your permanent customers would certainly appreciate an e-mail where you thank them for staying with you and offer some extra discount or service. That little gesture of personal attention is something they might remember long after Black Friday is over.

In fact, Black Friday is a great day to see how things truly are in your online store and see your challenges and possible zones to grow. If something went terribly wrong on Black Friday that might be a sign that things have to be changed. Also the best way to make Black Friday less stressful and customers more satisfied is to pay attention to this list throughout the year and do most of it more often than just on the day of great sales.

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