How to select a digital marketing agency

When you start a business, whether online or offline you seek to engage with consumers and build a relationship. But to reach those potential customers you need to have a successful marketing campaign which makes the selection of a digital marketing agency very critical.

While you can undertake the marketing aspect of your business yourself and these SEO tips can come handy, but it takes time, experience and patience to drive a successful campaign. It is recommended to set aside a dedicated fund to hire a professional marketing agency to get desired results. Let us look at some practical aspects of exploring a high-grade marketing firm:

  1. Know your current value: Internet is replete with FREE services which offer an SEO audit of your business. It analyzes your website and shows areas that need improvements. Employ the generated suggestions and improve your Google rankings considerably.
  2. Prepare a brief: Before engaging with a digital agency it’s important to produce a summary of your business. Focus on:
  • Your requirements- What specific issue you want the firm to resolve? Brand visibility, website traffic etc.
  • Budget- how much are you willing to invest? An upper and lower limit.
  • KPI- How do you want to measure the success of your campaign? Sales, site visits etc.

3- Find companies using listing services and Econsultancies: Business listings and the online consultancies have huge profiles of agencies and organizations trimmed according to your preferences. Find a lot of appropriate firms and start shortlisting them.

4- Shortlist: There are various factors one needs to consider to narrow down the list:

  • Location: It is an important aspect, for many feel uncomfortable communicating with an associate over wired lines. Though there are services (video calling) with which you can converse face-to-face but some might need to have a more “in person” contact.
  • Check their websites: Home pages offer a peek into the quality of a company. Analyze the websites and add the agencies to your shortlist based on these features:
  • Work expertise and history- Check their portfolio.
  • Skills, diversity and experience- Their team must be deft in latest tools and techniques.
  • Contact page- Make sure they have a physical address and alternative ways to contact.
  • Active Social media and blog presence- Make sure their social media page and blog is not “dead”.  Their pages must be regularly updated.

5- Contact shortlisted agencies: Start contacting the firms you have shortlisted. It’s better to send an email summarizing your needs and goals. Set up a meeting or phone call as soon as things seem promising.

6- Decide: Now that you have laid your cards on the table, by informing about requirements and your spending abilities, you need to determine whether the agency is right for your business or not.

Ask relevant probing questions to build a better relationship. Your queries must be like:

  • How often you communicate with your clients?
  • How are services billed? Payment options?
  • Do I have an option to renegotiate the contract during the campaign?
  • Have you worked with services like mine? What was your experience?
  • How well is your team trained? What is their technical expertise?

After assuring yourself upon getting favorable answers to your doubts negotiate a fair deal. You can bring the price down by offering a long term association and showing flexibility in your requirements.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency is an important aspect for the success of your business. Following the above methodology can ease your struggle a bit.

Wish you luck for your future endeavors!

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