Best Practices that Will Make Managing Your Publishing Calendar so Much Easier

Meanwhile, some companies thought that social media marketing would have a short time life, it only continues to gather pace. A recent survey shows that about 59% of marketers consider social media an essential tool for the business strategy. However, how efficient it will be, depends on the consistently; if you want to see a positive result, then you should post regularly.

Why is Regular Social Media Posting Important?

Having several social media profiles is difficult and time-consuming, but you should continuously publish posts because of numerous benefits:

·         Customer satisfaction. 71% of consumers would like to tell friends and relatives about the brand that pleased them via social media.  Hence you should be here so that your potential clients can reach you at once.

·         Improved brand visibility. When you post regularly, the customers see you more and get a better idea of your concept and provided services. As a result, you achieve enhanced brand visibility with a low-cost solution.

·         Better conversion. Better visibility leads to increased conversions.  Video, blog post, image, or whatever you share on social profile leads the visitors to the website, hence enhances the possibility of purchasing a good or service.

·         Keeping consumers. Having an account on a social platform but rare using it will not do much for your brand. Regular posting about your new products, adverts about recent offers, and other important information will help retain users.  

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·         Higher SERP Ranking. Google considers your presence on social media as a key point for search result ranking. Hence, if you are active, and include keywords in the posts, your position in SEPR will be higher.

With an editorial calendar, you can enjoy all these benefits, and leave the competitors behind. Look at the tips on managing your calendar, and reach your target purpose in a short period.

How to Create and Manage the Editorial Calendar

If you do not have an editorial calendar, you may find delivering regular and varied content a real challenge. It will be difficult to sell services or goods as you need to plan your posting on social media ahead of and sync it up with sales or product launch. An editorial calendar allows you to keep everything organized with clear deadlines. 

Besides publishing content according to strict planning, it will help unite all areas of your business, placing employees on the same page and involving everyone in the company’s marketing strategy.

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Next simple tips will help you create and manage an editorial calendar even if it is your first time trying to do this:

1.  Find the right tool for you

There are lots of tools to choose from that can be used to manage your editorial calendar. You can use calendar apps such as Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and other common apps, or pick something more advanced as Airtable, or any other product that will help keep all the tasks in order. The key recommendation here is to choose the tool that the whole team will easily use and will not just occupy a place in a bookmark bar.

2.  Identify the topics and decide who will write about them

Think about topics that may be interesting for your potential clients, mark the titles, and choose the person who will write them. With over 3 billion people using social media worldwide, it is important to meet their expectations and take every single opportunity to catch their attention. Hence, it is better to avoid giving this responsibility to the employee who has no appropriate expertise. You are recommended to use authors that are experts in a chosen area and will be able to publish a post on time in accordance with the editorial calendar.

3.      Open the blog to the guest posts

Consider opening the blog to the guest authors to make it more valuable. Such a decision will be beneficial both for you and the audience, as will let to look at the well-known topics from a different angle. Also, you will avoid stress connected with filling the spot on your editorial calendar in case a chosen employee can’t commit the task.

4.      Determine schedule and keep to it

After arranging all basic details, put the titles in an editorial calendar, and decide on the publishing schedule. How many posts are you going to have per month? Make a reasonable decision and assign the date with enough time for writing, editing, and adjusting the publication. You should keep to a chosen schedule not to leave the social profile lonely for a long period. In case you have plenty of other tasks in your mind, think of using auto-posting and scheduling plugin to stick to the schedule. The posts will be shared automatically in accordance with your editorial calendar.

The Final Thoughts

Businesses that are interested in attracting and retaining potential customers, should remember that social media marketing is a must nowadays. With an editorial calendar that is not new at all, you will not bog down in planning, managing, and scheduling your content. As a result, you will please clients with regular, fresh, and engaging posts that will play into your hands. 

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