5 Ways to Optimize Website for Voice Search in 2018

The technologies are changing day to day and getting better and better with time. You need to be aware of them and if you are working in online marketing industry then you must have to know about voice searches. Voice searches have been growing rapidly and as per the survey, Google claims that 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search by 2020, now it is most important for the online business to target voice searches or smartphone users.

What is Voice Search?

As the name, voice search is a search query used by users through their voice via mobile phone or other devices. Users use Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home, or Amazon’s Echo device for their searches to reduce the time of typing over smartphones to get answers what they are looking for. Let me show you an example of voice search with Siri:

The voice search is different from the organic search and performs any action using their voice and that would be conversational search. You need to prepare for voice search algorithm and optimize a website for voice commands. For an example, you will use “new mobile phone 2018” for text query but the query will be different when user will use voice search, the voice search query can be “What is the new mobile phone 2018”, “What is the latest mobile phone 2018” etc… the length of the voice search query would be lengthy as compared to the text searches.

How to optimize your website for voice search?

To optimize website for mobile search you need to understand the Voice search technology, how it’s work, Voice search is a natural search query to get most relevant answers, most searches will be conversational query based and naturally ask questions so the content would be based on Hummingbird algorithm, we should add “Why”, “Where”, “Where”, “How” and other questionable sentences on the webpage. In order to boost your rankings for voice search queries, I would recommend you to add more natural questionable contents so it is picked up by SEO data. Apart from the voice search is basically for mobile users so the website must have fast loading speed and responsive.

Keywords Analysis:

Keywords analysis is most important for any marketing campaign, as we always do keywords analysis for text searches but never for voice searches, think what query we can ask Google to find our businesses. For example, if anyone is looking for “Indian Food” then might be we use keywords like “best Indian restaurant in Australia”. So optimizing a webpage for long tail keywords are most important to rank on voice searches.

You can use tools like TwinwordKeywordtoolAhrefs etc.. There is no limit of queries a user can generate and most of them would be by asking specific questions: “when”, “where”, “how”, “what” and “who” so collect related search queries.

Analyze the Voice Result and Review from where the result coming from?

Now you have a list of keywords, pick up any smartphone or devices and check the queries by voice searches and analysis the top results. Are the result coming from Google’s Answer box, local listings, FAQ, Question, and answer or etc.. and make suggestions and optimize webpage content as per the result.

You need a better content, well-optimized SEO page with high-quality user experience, apart from these you need to have solid SEO so that your webpage would be rank on the top of SERP’s. You need to keep few points”

  • Include questions and answers within the content
  • Optimize webpage contents for long tail keywords
  • Content should be lengthy, user-friendly and deliver exact information what is the query about

Optimize Page Speed and Make Responsive

Google had launched a ranking algorithm that designed for mobile users and favors the websites that have less loading time and rank on the search results; therefore, speed is most important for voice searches as well as text-based searches. You can use Google Speed test tool or other tools to analyse the webpage loading speed. Apart from that, you need to make your website responsive because having a responsive website is an important signal which Google look for ranking. I would highly recommend you that to use free tools such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly to test your website for all mobile device users across the globe.

Optimize Webpage for Local Search

When we talk about voice searches then the optimizing webpages for a local search is most important, what you need to do is to optimize your Google business page for local searches. Most of voice search queries will be about places and when any user search from local queries then Google track user location to display relevant nearby places. If you are promoting any brand then you should add Brand name and few keywords like “Near me”, “Nearby”, “near me now” etc..

Make sure to optimize your local listings with proper Name, address, phone number so that user and Google can help you in ranking on local searches.

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