4 Marketing Automation Tips And Hacks For Small Business

Marketing automation software helps to automate marketing campaigns with ease. It is the best solution for sales and marketing professionals which provides lots of features for SMBs like CRM integration, email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, web analytics and lead management. While most of the marketing automation tools have a high opening price, it is a tough pill to swallow for SMBs.

This article will explain some of the best hacks to make the most use of marketing automation software.

Some of the well-known marketing automation software’s in the market are discussed below:

  • Getresponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation platform which is very intuitive and user-friendly. With powerful features, it does not need an expert for complete utilization of its testing, reporting and analytics features. With impressive and easy to use technical features, competitive pricing seems to be their key USP. Its basic pack which includes automation stands at $15/mo for 1000 subscribers, which makes it a natural choice for Small businesses and freelancers.

  • Infusionsoft

It is a marketing automation tool which provides good analytics, reporting and CRM solutions for businesses. With its basic pack starting at $199/mo for 2,500 subscribers, the functionality is surprisingly easy & smooth and at par with Hubspot. But to utilize its advanced features, you need an expert or a lot of time to learn it yourself.

  • Marketo

It is powerful software which provides sales and marketing suite. It has one of the best customer support team and an active community of users. The basic automation plan stands at a staggering $895/mo for 10,000 subscribers. It is easy to use and quick to set up with great integration capabilities and sales force.

  • Hubspot

It is a well-built product that has proven its value to over 30,000 small businesses. It has unparalleled integration capabilities with other apps and provides CRM and sales features. The basic plan is for $200/mo for 100 subscribers and an additional $600 for on boarding.

While an expert at marketing automation knows how to exploit it to the full extent, apply these tips to make its judicial use:

  • Install Codes To Track Your Visitors

Google analytics is a powerful tool but its functionality is generalized and very limited. You need custom tracking codes which allow you to trail-blaze registered and anonymous leads.

The process is similar with most of the marketing automation software:

  • Create a profile -> manage goals. Mention goals you need to track on your website/email/social media etc. Match goals with the user action on your domain.
  • Find tracking code, usually in “Reports” or where you create a profile.
  • Copy the code to your clipboard and insert it in the source of all the pages. Code needs to be pasted in all the pages you want to track and analyze.
  • The location where you need to paste the code varies with your website platform hosting servers and automation software. However, it is generally before ending the body with </body> tag of the HTML code.
  • If your web host uses a plug-in, extension, template or tag manager, paste the code accordingly.
  • Lead Gathering, Segmentation And Nurturing

Leads are the prospects which have engaged with your business in past or future. Your leads may be generated from various routes as shown below which needs to be differentiated and handled accordingly.

An effective method of segmenting leads is to score them. Scoring tells you about the actual potential and quality of lead. Score leads by:

  • Source and Type– Demographic, Firmographics, BANT score etc.
  • Interests and Engagement– +10 for early stage content like emails, blogs and videos. +20 for webinars etc. -5 for inactivity and decay in engagement.
  • Behavior– monitoring more closely you will realize if the lead is actually interested in buying or just grabbing information from your blogs and videos.
  • Buying Stage and Score Threshold– assign higher scores for middle and bottom funnel activities like clicking pricing sheets and product demos and create a limit to “pop the question” for buying the product.
  • Implement Protocols To Minimize Bounce Rates

A reputable ESP processes all unsubscribe requests and bounces to maintain a clean mailing list. Some hacks to employ:

  • Ensure CAN-SPAM compliance by choosing an ESP which instantly removes undeliverable addresses.
  • Implement SPF (Sender Policy Framework) systems to prevent spamming. It verifies the IP address of the IDs.
  • Check if your software authenticates messages with domain key identified mail (DKIM) protocols which mark your messages to be “trusted” and prevent them to land in spam or junk folders.
  • Ask your software provider to participate in the ISP feedback loop program. It enables the service provider to know when a subscriber marks your mail as spam so that they can be instantly removed from the list.
  • Test Variables And Share Data

Test the level of engagement with the below mentioned variables and check how it affects the performance of your campaign:

  • Subject lines
  • Headlines
  • Body content and length
  • Template design and format
  • Media- audio, video and images
  • Call to Actions
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Linked content
  • Delivery day and time

Gather data and share it across all the relevant teams especially sales, marketing and campaign development teams. Share reports with your executive and finance teams.

Typically, only 20% of the leads who walk into a business are prepared to buy products or services. While there are many Marketing Automation Software in the industry, extremely competitive pricing of GetResponse, makes it standout in terms of cost-value ratio.

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